CHRISM MASS // The Chrism Mass took place at the Cathedral of St. Paul on Tuesday of Holy Week and several friars were able to attend. The Chrism Mass emphasizes the unity of the priests with their bishop. Also, the three oils to be used for the sacraments throughout the year (oil of catechumens, oil of the in rm, and the sacred chrism) are blessed by the Bishop.

HOLY THURSDAY // On Holy Thursday evening, we celebrated the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. At this Mass, we call to mind three great mysteries: the institution of the Holy Eucharist, the institution of the Priesthood, and the commandment of the Lord concerning fraternal charity. In Hanceville, Fr. Leonard was the celebrant and Fr. Paschal preached. In Irondale, Fr. Mark was the celebrant and the homily was given by Fr. Anthony.

GOOD FRIDAY //Fr. Leonard led the Stations of the Cross in Hanceville on Friday morning while Fr. Mark did in Irondale. The celebration of the Passion of the Lord and veneration of the cross took place later that afternoon at 3pm. Fr. Joseph was the celebrant for the Passion in Irondale and Fr. Patrick preached. In Hanceville, the celebrant was Fr. Miguel and Fr. Paschal preached.

EASTER VIGIL // The “mother of all vigils”, the Easter Vigil, in which we keep vigil for the Lord and celebrate his glorious resurrection was joyfully celebrated in Irondale by Fr. Anthony with Fr. Mark preaching the homily and in Hanceville with Fr. Paschal as celebrant and Fr. Leonard giving the homily. Fr. Patrick celebrated with the cloistered Dominican nuns in Marbury, AL. Fr. John Paul celebrated the Triduum with the Sister Servants in Irondale, AL.


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