For many of us, Advent and Christmas can be busy seasons. The parties, the gifts and even the Church activities can keep us on our toes.

Yet, the birth of Christ is such a momentous moment in human history–the moment in salvation history–that it most certainly deserves our prayer and contemplation. During these weeks, I encourage you to carve out some time for quiet reflection. This might be in the morning, before you really start your day. Have a cup of coffee, read the daily readings or pick up a piece of spiritual reading that you can take in just a few pages at a time.

Or, if you are able, consider making plans to attend a retreat. Retreats are part of our own outreach here at the Friary (we have a vocations retreat coming up soon – please pray for our retreatants!) and we have seen first-hand the many ways that spending time one-on-one with Christ has an impact on people.

In fact, that’s why we as a community make time to attend our own annual retreat, which we will be doing the first week of January. While each of us has our own vocation and active ministry to carry out, we are all called to spend time in conversation with Christ–thanking Him for coming into the world and listening for His voice.

3 thoughts on “Come Away and Rest for Awhile

  1. My last retreat at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in October was Heaven on earth. I am blessed to live in Birmingham, where I am close to the Shrine and Our Lady of the Angel’s in Irondale. Both are food for my Soul. May all have a Happy and Blessed Christmas!

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