Can God make a mistake? Does He ever choose someone by mistake?

When we consider the betrayal of Judas, it seems like a big mistake! When we consider the denial of Peter, it seems like a big mistake!

Most of us will not choose someone we cannot trust. Most of us pull back from that person and not to stay too close… especially if we know in advance; naturally, we would not pick that individual as our friends… in order to avoid getting hurt in the future… in order to avoid getting into a mess in one’s life.

This is an amazing lesson about God! He never makes a mistake in choosing His disciples; He never makes a mistake in choosing you and me!

Our Lord is truly different than any of us in this regard! He sees beyond our own wretchedness! He sees above our own weaknesses! His love and mercy is amazing that when we truly know just a tiny glimpse of that truth about Him we would weep for joy!

Jesus tells us in advance what Peter and Judas would do in the midst of their own crisis! He tells us that Judas would betray Him! He tells us that Peter would deny him three times before the cock crow! His choice of them both is firm!

Again, He sees beyond their wretchedness! He sees above their weaknesses! He sees the great possibility of their repentance and be set anew and even more on fire for the Lord! We know Peter responded to that grace of repentance offered to him. Judas responded also by acknowledging that he “had sinned in betraying innocent blood”​.

Unfortunately, Judas didn’t really know how much love and mercy Jesus had toward him! Maybe he knew, but tragically he refused to accept it perhaps! Perhaps he thought he was chosen by mistake!

God does not make a mistake in choosing you and me! We may have done what Peter did: denying the Lord, being embarrassed to be known as His followers in the public! We may have done what Judas did: betraying our faith which in turn betraying Our Lord! The Lord never tires of us… despite our wretchedness… despite our weaknesses! He sees above them! He sees beyond them! He sees the great disciples each of us would be for the Kingdom of Heaven!

The time we are living now is not easy! This pandemic brings about so much distress, so much doubt, so much anger even! At the same time, it is also a very special time of grace and immense opportunity to shine as never before in loving one another, in serving one another, in praying for one another… in short in following the Lord Jesus and imitating Him in the midst of this crisis. Stories are out there on the numerous good deeds people are doing in the midst of this difficult time: someone paying another in the drive through restaurant; amazing doctors and nurses fearlessly approach their patients to give them all they got even though they may get infected and may even take their own lives; persevering grocery workers who work quietly and humbly despite the frequent angry frustrated customers who come to them and who kept on seeing empty shelves.

All of us are chosen by God not by accident! He does not make a mistake in choosing you and me!

Jesus never doubted the Father’s plan! He never thought the Father made a mistake for His plan for Him to become like us in all things but sin; He never thought it was a big mistake. He knew the Father’s love for the world! He knew the Father’s plan for mankind even though He also knew the price He had to pay! Like the Father, Our Lord is full of love and mercy! He gave it all He got for us all since He is chosen by the Father to be the light to the nations and that salvation may reach to the ends of the earth! And you and I are chosen… not by mistakes… but by the will of God!

– Fr. Miguel Marie, MFVA


3 thoughts on “Can God make a mistake?

  1. So beautifully comforting and heartening, Fr. Miguel Mary! Yours was the first celebration of Hopy Mass I watched on EWTN and I have never stopped watching over many years. Thank you and all your fellow- friars, indeed, all at EWTN for all the comfort and joy you have brought to my days. Please keep me in your prayers. God bless.

  2. Greetings Brothers.
    I have been searching for a monastic rosary but can find nothing. Until I was given a link to your website., would it be possible to obtain one of your rosary’s which would be put to great use in our chaplaincy services.

  3. Hello Father Miguel Marie,
    Reading this article you wrote help me think that I am not a mistake that God has a plan for me even if I do not believe in myself. I pray to God to help me with my own doubts of progressing in my career. To Trust in his plan for me and what he has for me. Thank you for reminding me that God loves me the way I AM.
    I really enjoyed reading your article has touch me.
    God bless you and stay well.

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