IRONDALE, Ala. – Father Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA celebrated his silver jubilee of ordination to the Sacred Priesthood of Jesus Christ today, June 11, 2018.

Celebration festivities began on Sunday, July 10th with a solemn Mass and reception at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. On the day of his anniversary he celebrated the EWTN televised Mass. During the homily he thanked his family, the Community, and the viewers for helping him preserver these past twenty-five years. He also shared some profound thoughts on the Eucharist and encouraged young men to pursue a vocation. Father Mark Mary, the Community Servant offered kind fraternal thoughts about Fr. Joseph before the final blessing. Diane, his sister and a few of his cousins were present for his anniversary celebrations.

Father was ordained at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham, AL. by Bishop Raymond Boland. From then on he has charitably, faithfully and loyally served God as a friar in the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal. He sacrificially contributes his time and talents to the building of the Community and EWTN. The Friars have a great affection for him. He is considered as a big brother to them. He is an exceptional example to his younger confreres of prayer, long suffering and perseverance.

The Friars are grateful to God, St. Francis and the Blessed Mother for Fr. Joseph. He is truly a gift and blessing to their Community, EWTN and the Church. Congratulations Fr. Joseph!

16 thoughts on “Fr. Joseph Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Priesthood Ordination

  1. Father Joseph,
    I enjoy every program you are hosting or a guest on EWTN. You are sincere, humble and take great joy in celebrating Mass. Your quiet voice and calm manner gives me great solace and a better understanding of listening. I have learned so much from you and all at EWTN. God Bless You and know you are prayed for daily. I found EWTN when I was in a very difficult part of my life.

  2. I am not sure if I am repeating this message because I may have done it wrong. I merely want to thank you for all your kindness, love and ability to simplify so much for me. I only recently even heard of EWTN, and it is invaluable to me. The network, and you, in your humble down-to-Earth manner have entered my life at a very difficult time. I thank you for sharing your beautiful trust in God. Yourvwuiet voice has made me a better listener. God Bless You and May He keep you safe in the palm of His hand.

  3. Greetings n Congrats to Fr. Joseph Mary from India.

    May silver turn to gold. God Bless you, wishing you good health and peace,
    joy and happiness to serve our good Lord in His vineyard.
    Thank you for ministering to us through EWTN.
    With many blessings.

  4. Dear Father Joseph Mary,
    The Homily you gave on EWTN Daily Mass today (Monday, June 18, 2018), is Message well received. By this I mean, your Message is what my Family needs this day to engage God’s Grace for understanding the Healing power of Forgiveness.
    The beauty of your Message is the gentle reminder that “we are called to Acts of Love, not Acts of Vengeance” (pls., forgive any misquote).
    Thank you and all at EWTN who have been praying for my Sister and my Family since last week Friday.
    Utmost Gratitude,

  5. Is it possible to obtain a written copy of Father Joseph’s homily from June 18, 2018? I would really love to read it to my husband and have a copy to refer back to. It was one of the best homily’s I have ever heard! Thanks so much and God Bless.

  6. You have an inimitable style of distilling the gospel into practical application for living today. I always look forward to your homilies Father🙏🏼

  7. What city in Eastern Iowa is Father Joseph Mary from? I am a life long
    Iowan with a Son in Iowa Cty, Iowa.
    I attended univ of Iowa.
    I now live in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

  8. Since the lock down came into effect many weeks ago here in County Mayo, Ireland, EWTN has been a great lifeline, a great source of comfort and spiritual enrichment for me. Fr Joseph, and indeed all your colleagues at the stations are truly inspirational .You have become part of my life. Many thanks to you all. Is Dia agus Muire linn (May Jesus and Mary be with you)..

  9. Dear Father you have been an inspiration to my wife, Ann, and myself during this time of crisis. We are in our 80’s and have lived in many states and traveled extensively having mass in many parts of the world. Without a doubt you have captured our hearts with your gentle loving approach to praising God. Our gift of life has been glorified here on earth because of you. Thank you may you be blessed in every way possible. Ann & Don

  10. Dear Fr Joseph, I am so moved by the holiness of both you and mother Angelica. I’m from Australia and I’m seeking every mass and homily from you. Your homilies are first class meaningful. Your love of MA is a gift of beauty for us to witness and be privy to. I’m sure MA moved you to excel in The Lord. Your deeper natural knowledge makes me bend my ear to get closer to you and Jesus. I love you for this. Bless and may you stay well please take care. We need you to be a light in this challenging fallen world. I pray for you to keep going, keep loving Christ, it’s softening, nurturing and inspiring. ✝️ Thank you.

  11. I have started watching daily mass since the pandemic . This is the way I start my day , it gives me peace and all the priest are very good , I pray that mass will continue daily and thank you for all your prayers and blessings. I am very blessed to have EWTN in my life.

  12. I’ve read all the previously published comments for Father Joseph Mary and with all my heart and soul agree with the many loving and kind words that describe our devout Missionary Father Joseph Mary. I look forward to all his holy messages, stories, and explanations of the Sunday Gospel. He speaks fluently in a calm tone that fills my heart with joy. I can listen to him speak for hours. If I were able to travel I would come to the Franciscan Chapel to see Father Joseph Mary in person, however my disability does not allow. Thank God EWTN brings the Holy Mass to us who are home bound and for that I am eternally grateful. I love all the Missionaries who pray the Mass on EWTN. Each bring an exceptional inspiring quality to we the listeners…and I must not forget to include Father Cedric the visiting priest with his addictive smile.
    God bless all at EWTN.

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