The Friars said farewell to their close friend and loyal cook, Paul on Christmas day.

Paul moved from Providence Road Island to cook for the MFVA’s in 2007. Before his employment with the Community he worked for several years as a chef in casinos, retirement homes and convalescent hospitals.

Over the years the friars enjoyed Paul’s wisdom, humor and delicious meals. He is a devout man. Daily he attended noon Mass at EWTN. While food was baking, he would often read spiritual books and had engaging conversations with the friars. Two or three times a year his father, Mario visited. He too brought good cheer to the friary kitchen.

Paul served his last meal to the Friars on Christmas Day. After dinner Fr. Mark offered kind words of appreciation for his faithful service. The Friars are already missing Paul. Please pray for our good friend as enters this new chapter in life.





One thought on “Friars Cook Retires After 11 Years of Faithful Service

  1. Thank you for the information on Father Anthony Mary! I have been praying for him every day and hoping that all is well. My prayers will continue and I hope to see him serving the Mass again soon!

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