The Friars’ dear friend and great philosophy professor, Dr. Richard Geraghty, PhD passed away in his sleep.  He was found dead by a friend on July 23, 2017.

About twenty years ago, the Friars hired and welcomed Dr. Geraghty to become their philosophy professor. At the time, they had no idea about the profound impact he would leave with them and the local community.

Prior to his employment with the Friars, Dr. Geraghty had been a brother in the Society of Mary. Eventually the congregation and he decided that it was best to move on. From there he attended the University of Toronto and earned a doctorate in philosophy.  He then taught in colleges and seminaries throughout the country. While teaching, he rediscovered the truth of the Catholic faith and met his late wife Becky.  He was also an accomplished author and speaker.

In 1999 Dr. Geraghty began a full-time philosophy professor position with the Friars. His teaching style was unique.  He was brilliant, incorporating analogies and humor into his instruction.  Through him the Friar students and many others learned complex and complicated philosophical concepts from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Paul, St. Thomas Aquinas, Blessed John Henry Newman and many more.

His teaching was effective because he was not only a teacher but a perpetual student.  Sometimes instructors forget the rigors of student life, but not him.  Until his death, his hunger for God and truth only increased.  He continually read, thought and wrote.  Before his passing he was working on a book about Blessed John Henry Newman.

Please pray for the blessed repose of the soul of our beloved professor.  The friars will always be grateful for his contributions to their education and formation.

24 thoughts on “Friars Say Goodbye to Their Beloved Professor

  1. Dr. GERAGHTY helped me to love philosophy and my faith. My years at St John Seminary College in Camarillo CA were memorable because of him. And because of him and his style of teaching I have been able to spread that same love to others. My life has been blessed for having known him. My prayers are always with him.

      1. thank you for all his educational talk shows, we will surely miss him with mother angelica and both of my parents 2 years ago. Thank You EWTN

  2. Rest in Peace Doctor Geraghty. Enjoy your well-deserved rest. You have been a beacon of light and educational blessings to so many that will leave their mark too as a result of your teaching.

  3. I recently discovered Dr. Geraghty through a less than desirable medium; You Tube; but, at least it provided me with his style of conveying difficult concepts. I watched all of his videos where he the camera focuses on an office door with a post-it note saying “ The Doctor Is In!” The door swings open and there he is bigger than life. What I love is his mock discussion with a student as he welcomes them in. “Oh, hi Becky. So you were a little confused in class today…” You get a sense immediately of what a great Professor he must have been. I was very sad to see that he has passed, but, I am also very happy for him. He is in the next life that was a part of the purpose he spoke of regarding why we are here

  4. This man was great. I got to know him via his “moral philosophy” lessons on EWTN. I continue to watch them till this very day. His thought process though seemingly so simple, yet so powerful. There are people that are declared saints by the church in front of the world, and there are many more that live and die not having had the privilege of being declared saints by the church, but all of them are indeed saints in the kingdom of GOD. Dr. GERAGHTY is one of them. May his teachings continue to inspire the intellect to know & understand the Living & Loving GOD.

    1. I was looking for more about Dr Geraghty on EWTN.. then found that he had died 7.23.17 at age 85 (born 1932). I then was also looking for solace at this loss before I could hear him speak. Thank you for your comments which sum up my feelings as well.

  5. Please Friars: may I ask where is Dr Geraghty buried? Just found out today/ wanted to visit his grave to pay my respects. Thank you.

  6. So sorry for your loss.. looked up Richard ‘s name this morning 3/10/2019 and saw that he had passed away 7/2017
    I enjoy his kind wit..his love for our Beloved Father as we yearn for love in each of us.
    Please keep our family in your prayers-my husband Vince born 3/9 just celebrated his 84th BD- we have been married 50 years and have 10 children—one in heaven
    This Lenten season please pray for our 30 year old niece Chelsey— homeless in Boulder Colorado and expecting a baby—September 2019.. Her mother and father so overwhelmed by her news-/ the first reading today regarding God knowing us before we were in our mother,s womb.. What love for Chelsey and her little one..prayers for her homeless father of this new life..Gods blessings to all the Friars.

  7. I also just learned of Dr. Geraghty’s death in an internet search. What a blessing to come to know him through his teachings on EWTN. Every time I listened to this wise, lovable man I wished I could have known him in person. Rest in peace, dear professor.

  8. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let Perpetual Light Shine upon him. May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through The Mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  9. Dr. Geraghty, you were and are a profoundly loving man. Thank you for being the best grandpa figure I could ask for. I’ll never forget the impact you or beloved Becky left on our life. We miss you every day.

  10. I thank God for Dr. Gerahty. He reminded me of some of the Brothers that taught me in Catholic School. His easy going and gentle explanations as well as his comical spin on things drive the lessons home. Thank God we can still receive his lessons. May he and his wife Becky rest in peace.

  11. I liked the ease of his delivery. In watching his explanations on philosophical topics, I felt very at ease. He had a natural gift for conveying complex points with gentleness and humor. I’m sorry to hear of his passing .

  12. As a student at Chaminade HS in1964”Brother” Richard Geraghty, SM was my Senior year homeroom teacher. He was an imposing, yet kindly man who had a great influence on me. Rest In Peace.

  13. Good morning, I met the good doctor watching EWTN. Never did I ever meet anyone who could teach philosophy and intellectual understandings usually shared with only those who wear the academic manual can make the teachings plain to the everyday people. He and His style of teaching are like salt. I can’t get enough water to quince my thirst. I was stunned when I found out he had died; what a loss to the world. I encourage the Friers to start the process for sainthood. Here is a saint who walked amongst us. Those who had an ear to hear are better because of listening to Dr. G. Please continue to air his videos. His teachings are timeless, like the bible.

  14. Brother Richard was one of my heroes as a student at Chaminade High School in Mineola, NY. I followed his career and recently discovered and love his EWTN videos. What a great man, intellect and teacher! Blessed to have had the privilege to know you. May you Rest in Peace and May Perpetual Light Shine Upon you.

  15. Loved his wit and wisdom.Like Mother Angelica,his knowledge and understanding of scripture was vast but approach unassuming .

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