IRONDALE, Ala. – Friars solemnly and prayerfully processed throughout their Friary motherhouse blessing it with prayer, water, chalk and incense.

Every year on the solemn feast of Epiphany, all Friars assigned to the Annunciation Friary gather in the chapel for the annual Epiphany blessing. The event began with introductory prayers. From there they took up holy water, chalk, incense and hymnals. From the start of the pious procession to the finish, the fathers and brothers sang hymns of adoration and appreciation to the Infant Jesus. Fr. Anthony, the Community Servant led the ceremony.

During this year’s procession, the friars paused so Fr. Anthony could bless a large beautiful new icon of Christ the Good Shepard. The image was a Christmas gift.

The joyous Epiphany celebration ended with night prayer in the Friary chapel. God always nourishes the Community’s fraternal loyalty and fidelity with these types of prayerful events.



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