There are many ways to get to know a religious community. One of them is to familiarize yourself with the charism, another is get to know the community’s ministries or apostolates. However, it’s just as important to get to know the members of the communities themselves.

If you want to know more about the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, we urge you to get to know the men who have joined our community. Their stories are all unique, as are their temperaments, gifts and talents, but you’ll see a similarity: God’s call in their life to serve God through this community.
You can find more vocation stories on our YouTube channel

24 thoughts on “Get to know us better

  1. Glad to be able to be able to see daily mass. Enjoy all the priests and brothers. God bless all of you. It would be great if one of you could come to Horseheads NY

  2. The stories of these Friars of their vocations were wonderful to watch. I watch the EWTN mass everyday and often wonder about how they got there. Post some more of the vocations, please.

  3. I try to watch the Daily Mass every morning at 5:00AM Los Angeles time then go to my gym to work out for a couple of hours. One of my favorite EWTN Brothers is no longer assisting with the Mass and I was wondering if he had left EWTN or is just to involved in his work there which I understand many Brothers who also don’t appear during your Mass’s. The Brother I am inquiring about is short in stature but big when reading the First and Second Readings. He also wears glasses. I beleive at one time he was involved in your Vocations Department. Can you please advise me about his current status.

  4. For years I’ve been watching EWTN’s programs including the daily Mass. Lately, since I do not work at the moment, I have no money for fuel to go to mass here in Malta, therefore it’s the Mass I attend spiritually some days during the week. Like Fr Patrick Mary said in his video on his vocation, I love the reverence it has.

  5. Thank you so much for all the work you all do for the Lord.
    I have been watching EWTN for years now.
    I have slso been discerning the Religious life for dome time lately. I was doing this with the Franciscan Capuchins in Malta, where I’m from. However, after all these years of following you especially the daily Mass, I remain struck by the reverential way you all celebrate Mass among other tjings I like in your charism.
    I sent an email, actually two, asking about vocations.

    I know this week you have been on your annual retreat. I have been praying for you that it will be a fruitful one, prayed during the Mass with Fr Wede Menezes as well who was celebrating Mass this week.

    While thanking you once again for everything. I look forward for a reply if possible.

    God bless you.

  6. I notice with sadness that Brother Tarcisius is missing from the community photos. Has he left the community? I know that he was in the seminary. Has he entered the Diocesan Seminary?

  7. Ive. Noticed that Fr John PAUL Mary has lost lots of weight and looks pale with dark circles under his eyes. My husband and I are concerned that he may be ill?

  8. Are the men that serve as alter servers all brothers? They dress differently. I know the newest brother but don’t know the other that never wears a hood.

  9. I grew up with EWTN and consider you all family. Br, Leo is one of my favorites. Hi Br. Leo! Hope you keep up the great work. God bless you all!

  10. Please update the pictures and list of Priets and Friars – the service doesn’t always show their name on the screen nor do they introduce themselves. Also who is the grey haired man who does the readings atNass at the small chapel ( on morning and evening )

  11. Thank you for making it possible for us to attend Mass during this difficult time. Also for us to recite the Most Holy Rosary. May God keep you all safe.

  12. What a dedicated and talented spiritual community! We are truly blessed to know them and to have them attend to our spiritual needs during this time of uncertainty and isolation. May God continue to bless us and the MVFA community.

  13. I watch the daily mass every day and enjoy doing the rosary I enjoy the choir and am interested in learning about them, as I am a former member of my hometown choir for 8 years. Thank you and God Bless you

  14. I would like to ask the MfVA friars a question about the monstrance on their habits-how did you get the idea with the eucharist in the center and the shimmer on the outside of the monstrance-who thought of it
    I like the design of it and how it is made
    Can you tell me what the “MA” mean on the base of the monstrance or is it an angel
    Please can you tell me what it represents

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