BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Father Matthew Mary is ordained priest by Bishop Robert Baker at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Cathedral and thousands tuned in on EWTN to witness the ordination of Fr. Mathew Mary Bartow and Fr. Jonathan Howell. Several priests from the Diocese of Birmingham, and representatives from the Josephinum Seminary and Mount St. Mary’s were present, along with Religious bothers and sisters.

The sacred music for the Mass was preformed with magnificence and excellence. Vocalists were from the cathedral and EWTN choirs.

Br. John Therese Mary, MFVA read the first reading. After the gospel the men to be ordained were seated in sanctuary near the Bishop. His homily focused on servitude, priests availability to hear confessions and the importance of priests celebrating Mass daily.

The Bartow and Howell families sat in the front pews. Filled with awe and emotion they looked on as one of there own made promises to the Bishop and were vested. Fr. Patrick Mary assisted with the vesting of Fr. Matthew. The Bishop then anointed both men as priests.

The solemn Mass concluded with the newly ordained men giving the Bishop their first blessings. After the large crowd gathered for a delicious reception in the parish hall. There the new priests gave blessings to all in attendance.

The Franciscan Missionaries are grateful to God, Our Lady, and St. Francis of Assisi for Fr. Matthew.

We, the Community thank all who support us by their prayers and generous contributions for helping make this ordination possible. God bless.




10 thoughts on “MFVA Community Celebrates Fr. Matthew Mary’s Ordination to the Priesthood

  1. Congratulations Fr. Matthew. May our Lord walk with you, and guide you on your vocational travels in this world. Many blessings to you. 🙏🀄🙏

    1. Fr I cograturate u up on your ordination I am a male also in a way to join priesthood am a ugandan in senior five in the seminar surely I need someone to help me on the side of fees I so u on a television on Sunday

  2. Congratulations and God’s blessings to you, Fr. Matthew Mary.
    I prayed for you and waited with great anticipation for your ordination
    to God’s holy priesthood. All the best. Deus Caritas Est!

  3. Congratulations to Fr Mathew. May our blessed lady continuously intercede for you and make you worthy daily to celebrate the divine sacraments.
    PS: I missed the mass on EWTN. Hope the mass will be telecast again on EWTN Africa.

  4. We are sorry that the Mass was not televised today June 3rd 2018. My husband can not attend Mass due to poor health and I must stay at home with him. Will the Mass be televised again. Congratulations to the new priests.

  5. Congratulation on the ordination of Father Matthew Mary! May you receive many blessings. I am also from Delaware & there is a wonderful article about Father Matthew Mary in our diocesan newspaper, The Dialog.
    My husband & I saw Father’s Mass on EWTN on Sunday, June 17, 2018 & he had a very good homily! God bless you, your parents & siblings.

  6. Congratulations to Fr. Matthew Mary Mary Bartow on his priestly ordI nation
    He’s also my favorite priest
    I also like the other priests as well
    May God bless him and his family

  7. I have waited and waited to have Fr. Matthew ordained as priest and there he is
    I enjoyed watching him on the Daily Mass and listening to his sermon that he chose to talk about
    The saint that he talked was Charles Borromeo and he gave me his biography and I learned so much about this saint
    I hope that he will stay a priest for a long time and that he will never quit or move away
    I didn’t get the chance to see Fr. Matthew being ordained as priest so I missed it
    I live in Mitchell,SD and I enjoyed hearing him on the Daily Mass
    He’s my favorite part priest

  8. Fr Matthews Mary Sermon on12/92023. All Sermons should include the Diary of St Faustina. I consider her diary to be the last Gospel dictated by Christ himself. It includes his portrait,, descriptions of heaven & hell & the end of the world. This should wake all Christians up.
    Herb Dietrich

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