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September 10, 2020

San Paolo in Assisi


San Paolo in Assisi is a forgotten but important Church. Only two months after her death, the Process of Canonization for St. Clare took place in Assisi. In three days, fifteen Sisters were interviewed at the Monastery of San Damiano, and two days were needed to interview five laity. Happily, we have the text of these precious testimonies and can see how they contributed to the Legenda, the inspiring biography for reading. The Church of San Paolo is close to the Piazza del Commune, but normally locked up. Today we are able to go inside this Church where the testimony of the laity to the sanctity of Saint Clare took place.


Fr. Paschal Mary, MFVA



2 thoughts on “San Paolo in Assisi

  1. Thanks, Father Paschal! I am so happy for you and your experiences in Italy! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayer! Keep in touch! Sister Judith Mary

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