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  1. I am always happy to see you on the Morning Mass. Your sermons mean a lot to me !Thank you and God Bless ..

  2. Fr. Leonard,
    Your homily on 5/19/20 spoke directly to me and my situation. I was upset and incredulous when I realized! I know you are right. Please, how does one email you or send you mail?

  3. Father Leonard, thank you so very much for your words of wisdom during today’s, 7/5/2020 , Mass. You addressed the problems if today and your supportive words of strength were felt thru my TV screen. I have been consumed with the ugliness that is going on in our country and my faith was starting to waiver. However, you gave me strength with your words of wisdom in reminding me that God is with me. I wish your homily of today could be heard by everyone in the world. Luckily for me I recorded today’s Mass and can reflect t upon your spiritual words often.
    Bless you

  4. Thank you Fr. Leonard for speaking the truth during your homily today. I am a secular Franciscan and feel very strongly that we need strong voices from the clergy to preach about defending the Catholic faith. Bravo! I too disagree with some of the issues with the current administration, however I must always choose the candidate that protects all life. God bless you for saying what needed to be said. If you ever would like to read about my relationship with Jesus, Mary and the angels, I wrote a book, The Angel Lady “A Journey with my Spiritual Companions”. Thank you again for speaking truth.

  5. Dear Fr. Leonard, Thank you for your courage in speaking your mind and your heart in defense of our Church and our country. I see so much ideology and ideology-based bias in our Church today that I am often disheartened, confused, and fearful. Your homily today (8/2/20) lifted my soul and my own courage. God has certainly spoken through you to guide and comfort and inspire His people. God bless you.

  6. Father Leonard, my husband and I love your homily’s. We’ve always tuned into EWTN to watch mass at times when we couldn’t make it to church but now with Covid we watch mass during the week at least a few times and most definitely during the weekends.
    Yesterday on Aug 2nd we most especially loved your homily encouraging people to vote. They want to take down our statues of Jesus and our Saints and only we can prevent this from happening. We need to continue to pray for love and peace throughout our country and the world. We have faith with God’s love and mercy and the power of prayer that all this hatred and covid will end soon. Thank you and God bless you and the rest of the Franciscans.

  7. Thank you for your comments on August 4 regarding the necessity of being careful who we vote for. There are no doubt forces that want to see our Christian way of life altered and/or destroyed. We must take the lessons of history and not allow hat to happen. Voting is an excellent way to STOP the enemy in its tracks. While there may be good people in each political party, the overall values and agenda must be the priority as we pray to God that His will be done.

    1. Agree. This culture of hate must stop. In Christ’s own words”love fulfills the law”. Do not support people who promote hate no matter what party they are affiliated to. Stand with the word of God as spoken by Christ not man’s interpretation for self serving interests.

  8. Dear Father Leonard,
    Like many others I stated watching EWTN and morning Mass every morning because of Covid. You are by far my favorite Priest. I pray for all the priests, for they are doing their best. The priest in my church is from Kenya. I go every week but cannot understand most of what he says. I understand and pray to hear a few words. I converted 2 1/2 years ago to Catholicism and have never felt closer to our Christ. Thank you. And God bless.

  9. Hello Father Leonard I also am from east LA I enjoyed your sermon today, very inspiring, the Lord has truly blessed you, Thank you…. Sincerely Alice Aguilar ..ps just wondering if you went to Garfield or Roosevelt or maybe Salesian Cathedral or Cantwell I attended Bishop Conaty❤️

  10. Is there a way I can email/message you privately ? I truly enjoy all ewtn masses although you seems to be I guess down to earth. You mentioned your self during a mass when you were a younger man, the area you grew up, your surroundings and that really got my attention. You explain the readings in a way my grandchildren can pretty much understand, you all do. But your growing up comes close to us. Long story short. God nless you all, and it is through ewtn myself and family has learned and understand a lot and fast.

  11. Hi Fr. Leonard,

    We live in San Juan Capistrano and I grew up in Temple City, not too far from East Los Angeles. My husband and I are always blessed when we see you celebrating Mass. We can go now to “real” Mass during the week, but still listen to your homilies at night. We enjoy your down to earth teaching and feel like you’re our friend! Sometime we hope to get to Alabama in our little RV and visit you and the others there at your church, especially attending Mass, too. Thanks be to God that you answered His call!

  12. FR. Leonard, you certainly know how to keep it reL as the young people say… You preach from the heart… I appreciate you relating your upbringing in LA and how your family helped you … GOD BLESS

  13. Dear Father Leonard Mary,Thank you for being one of God true Apostles.We enjoy your sermons and most of all the strength behind everything you say along with such a deep spiritual values ,and love for God .thank you again may God be with you always

  14. Dear Fr. Leonard,
    The Lock-down has brought you to me. You are my favorite EWTN priest. Your homilies
    speak to my daily living challenges! My 86 years dictates avoiding public socializing. In other words, a lot of ‘staying at home’! I was able to attend Live Mass and Communion in October,
    but we’re back in lock-down with EWTN daily mass, acts of perfect contrition, and spiritual communion. Even when we return to Mass in our sanctuaries, I will be seeking you out on EWTN. I bet you know where San Diego is? I’ve lived here 63 years. I was fascinated with your life story. Your determination for a career of charitable service! I love seeing your salute to our brave police force as you exit the chapel sanctuary!
    God Bless You, Fr. Leonard!
    Have a Happy & Blessed Christmas.
    With sincere gratitude,
    Frieda Eberhardt

  15. Father Leonard spoke today on the message of love and truth that Jesus brought to us. What an odd message from Father Leonard who spent the weeks before the November election encouraging viewers to vote for a cruel man who told more than 20,000 documented untruths. It makes it difficult for Father Leonard to have any credibility on issues of love or truth. I think Father Leonard believes that being reminded of this is his own personal “persecution”.

  16. Father Leonard mary I would love for you to publicly condemn the terrorist act on Capitol Hill yesterday which was incited by Trump the same way you condemned the BLM. As a religious it is only right for you to be objective.

  17. I adore your sermons. You are very holy and special. Touched my heart on Palm Sunday last year so deeply. I’ll
    Never forget. God bless and love you.

  18. FR Leonard, I am truly sorry for the loss of your family member. I miss you and in particular your homilies. Love all of the EWTN priest but you have been my favorite. Truly grateful and dependent on EWTN this past year with the local church lock downs. Will you be returning to EWTN and if so when? God bless you.

  19. Father Leonard,
    I miss you so. You are filled with The Holy Spirit to the point where it spouts from you. I look forward to seeing you on the daily mass.
    Please accept my condolences for the loss of your father. I’m sure he’s looking down and smiling.
    I look forward to seeing you soon again on EWTN.

    GOD Bless.

  20. Fr. Leonard I am from San Diego California, I always watch EWTN daily mass at 5:00 am with my sister Hermie, your homily is so inspiring and truly it happens in real life of everyone , the gospel you preach and the homily you deliver inspired us and to so many for you bring life to the gospel of the Lord that people can understand and apply to our life. I hope to see you more leading the mass. God Bless.

  21. Father Leonard, Please read my responses that I sent to EWTN regarding the teaching of the Catholic Faith…I have been following the Catholic Faith for almost 2 yrs on cable & approx 2 yrs going to my local Catholic Church prior to the pandemic…I was Christened as an infant in the Serbian Orthodox Church & realize today that there is very little difference in our Faith BUT, MY COMPLAINT IS THIS: ALL OF US OUT HERE NEED TO BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT…SIMPLE & UNDERSTANDABLE WORDS…THE NEW CATECHISM BOOK THAT I ORDERED FROM EWTN IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF WORDS THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! I too, have a college education & don’t come close to understanding what should be explained SIMPLY! YOU, FATHER LEONARD, ARE A GREAT COMMUNICATOR OF THE FAITH & I’M COMING TO YOU DIRECTLY FOR ANSWERS…THE FRANCISCAN FRIARS ARE MY VERY FAVORITE PRIESTS & REAL PEOPLE…PLEASE TRY & READ THE EMAILS THAT I SENT TO EWTN REGARDING MY PROBLEM WITH TRYING TO UNDERSTAND CATHOLIC TEACHING…I would have to spend hours upon hours looking up ridiculous words….I LOVE TO HEAR YOU PREACH & TEACH, LEADING MASS…PATRICIA IN GA

  22. Fr. Leonard, I enjoy hea ring you on the Daily Mass and I’m sorry to say that your father entered eteentity and I lost a cousin that has passed into eternity as well
    You are very special person that I have ever heard
    May God bless you and all of your family

  23. Hello Fr. Leanard . My Son is in prison. Do you have a direct address he can contact you at where you can write him back. He has no internet. Blessings

  24. Seeing you at mass this morning nearly brought my wife to tears of joy. We missed you a lot . God bless and thank you for all the work you do. We pray for your complete recovery.

  25. Fr. Leonard, you are my favorite priest.
    Your homilies are most inspiring, they obviously come from your heart.
    You’ve helped me through some terrible times and I thank you for that.
    May you and your loved ones be richly blessed

  26. For the first time yesterday 30.12.2023 I Attended your mass live on TV from Uganda, I Was deeply touched by your homily,
    Glory be thee.

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