‘Twas the night before Christmas an’ all t’ru de house dey don’t a ting pass not even a mouse. De chirren been nezzle good snug on de flo’ an’ Mama pass de pepper t’ru de crack on de do’. Den Mama in de fireplace done roas’ up de ham stir up de gumbo an’ make bake de yam. Den out on de by-you dey got such a clatter make soun’ like old Boudreau done fall off his ladder. I run like a rabbit to got to de do’ trip over de dorg an’ fall on de flo’! As I look out de do’ in de light o’ de moon I t’ink “Manh, you crazy or got ol’ too soon. Cuz dere on de by-you w’en I stretch ma’ neck stiff dere’s eight alligator a pullin’ de skiff. An’ a little fat drover wit’ a long pole-ing stick I know r’ at away got to be ole St. Nick.

In this story we come to understand that it is in the quiet of the night that this Cajun is able to hear St. Nicholas coming with his skiff. How much more should our hearts and minds be quiet in this world which is so full of noise, so that we are able to ponder the mystery of the Birth of Jesus. Let us make time this month for silence. In this way the Holy Spirit will be able to show us the true meaning of Christmas.

Now that we have opened our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirt, I am able to tell you the story of a family that changed the world.

There was a beautiful virgin named Mary whom an angel appeared to and asked her if she would be the Mother of God. She answered the angel with a yes that came from the depths of her being. After this the Holy Spirit came upon her and she conceived a baby boy. Then God chose a man named Joseph to be the foster father who would take care of His most beautiful jewels. Joseph took Mary into his home and cared for her.

Then there came about a census of the whole Roman world ordered by Caesar Augustus who was emperor at that time. This census was used by God to get Joseph and Mary to travel from Nazareth up to Bethlehem.

In Bethlehem there was no more room in the inn so Joseph took Mary who was ready to give birth and brought her to a stable. This is a summary of the story which you can read in the Gospel of St. Luke. [1:26-2:20]

Now let us take a look at each member or this family. First let us look at St. Joseph. The fact that he is the next highest saint after the Blessed Mother means that he had to love like Jesus loves. When we look back at the Nativity we must imagine St. Joseph helping Mary off the donkey and sitting her on a log. Then he went about cleaning a spot in the cave so Mary would be able to lie down. After this he would get some dry hay and make her a bed. Because he was a holy saint putting his coat down over the hay would be no big deal before lying her on the bed. He would see that She was warm and then go about cleaning the floor. The fire would have to be started and other things be done so that the cold air would not enter. At last they could eat but while all this was happening, they never lose sight of the great meaning of Christmas. We see all these acts of love which St. Joseph does for Mary. To lay down our lives in service is what all men are called to do and we must not count the cost. Jesus said the greatest act or love is to lay down one’s life for another

Next we must look at the Blessed Mother who is without the stain or effects of original sin. Therefore, she is the perfect mother. The Church teaches that she was a virgin before during and alter the birth of Jesus. With God nothing is impossible. We can imagine Mary taking Jesus in her arms and singing to Him. We Know for sure that she gave Him many kisses and He loved every moment of It. Mary would then nurse him and I am sure He was well taken care of. Then like all babies she would have to keen him smelling good. It’s even possible to me that little baby Jesus would not even have to cry because His mother was so in tune with His needs. It somehow Jesus hurt His little body then the Blessed Mother would kiss His boo-boo. We see Mary sacrificing her life for St. Joseph and for Jesus. Therefore, she is the perfect example for all mothers.

The last and greatest example in this holy family is little baby Jesus. The second person of the Trinity becomes a little baby so our fears would not stop us from getting close to Him. A baby is a sign or helplessness and so Jesus is dependent on His Mother and father for HIs 1000, drink, Cleaning, learning warmth, and protection. This Is a sign to us that we must be dependent on God alone for all our needs. Jesus showed His infinite love for us by becoming one of us so we could become children of God. Let us thank Jesus this Christmas for the Incarnation.

St. Nicholas followed Jesus’ example of living and this is why he is remembered. The world uses St. Nicholas’ name to make money while the Church uses his name to help you and me become Saints.

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