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  1. I am sure you must receive mountains of emails and comments praising your work and service. My wife (Ida) discovered EWTN about 2 years ago. Our spiritual growth has been truly blessed by the Holy Spirit through your works. We feel like we know each one of you personally…..just like Jesus does us, as told by Mother Angelica.

    Thank you so much and we pray we will be able to visit you in Irondale and Hanceville one day.

    John and Ida Dillender

  2. Dear Friars –
    You are a lifeline to me! Thank you for all you do. I wish EWTN would show more live shows from you. When I fell ill with the virus, you provided me with this indescribable sense of peace and joy. I pray that each of you remains as true to God’s Word as possible. God bless!

  3. I have been fortunate to meet and listen at a retreat in Belfair, WA given by Father John Paul Mary, in addition I drove him around while he was here in Washington. He is a very spiritual man, I enjoyed his talks and then getting to know him on a personal level. He opened my eyes about my own spirituality and I am so glad that he did this for me. I have grown tremendously in my faith. May God Bless Him and all of his and our Brothers in Christ

  4. We always start our day with EWTN. Thank you so much and may God Bless you and help you with your wonderful work.

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