As the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Word, it is our mission to “spread the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith through word and example.” Mother Angelica, our founder, was innovative in her approach to evangelization. She was able to reach both Catholics and non-Catholics through the use of media and technology in a way that had never before been done.

You may not be a Friar or have the capacity to reach millions through broadcast television, but you can still spread the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith. In fact, every baptized person is called to take part in sharing the love of God with the world. We have a few creative suggestions to get you started this summer.

  1. Invite a friend to go for a Rosary walk around your neighborhood. As you walk and pray together, take the time to greet those who cross your path and make an effort to start up casual conversations. Don’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit opens the door for a deeper spiritual conversation!
  2. Visit a Shrine or Cathedral on your vacation. Get in the habit of finding nearby Shrines or Cathedrals wherever you are traveling. Not only will it be good for you spiritually, but it will also be an excellent way to start a conversation about faith with your friends and family when they ask about your vacation. Take pictures so that you can share the visual beauty of the Catholic Church with them.
  3. Volunteer to help with your Parish Vacation Bible School. Most Churches desperately need volunteers to serve in this ministry. Muster up some energy to participate in a fun-filled week of activities, Bible stories, and songs that show the love of Jesus to the littlest parishioners.
  4. Host a faith-based movie night. Take advantage of the longer days and beautiful weather and host a movie night for your friends and family. Pick a film that will allow for good discussion after the show has ended.
  5. Have a Garage Sale. This one might sound a bit odd, but a garage sale can open the door for sharing about the faith in many ways. You may have a collection of Catholic books or items that are gathering dust. Put them on display at your garage sale and prepare to answer questions as people try to decide if they are worth buying. If you offer the books at no charge, a few people are sure to take you up on your offer.

Use this list as a starting place to begin sharing the beauty of our Catholic faith with those in your family and your community. Think creatively, just as Mother Angelica did, about how you can reach today’s culture with the message of the Gospel. What would you add to our suggestions?


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