St. Margaret Mary faced much adversity and experienced significant trials during her lifetime. Even those who were closest to her thought she was delusional when she began to reveal to them the revelations from her mystical visions of Jesus. God knew it would be difficult for St. Margaret Mary to face this suffering alone, so she was given a special gift to inspire and encourage her in her mission.

St. Margaret Mary wrote, “After I had seen all this, the Divine Bridegroom, as a token of His love, gave me St. Francis as my soul’s guide. He was to lead me through all the pains and sufferings that awaited me.”

St. Francis of Assisi served as the “soul guide” for St. Margaret Mary as she worked to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as an act of reparation. Though she never saw the fruits of her work during her lifetime, in 1856 Pope Pius IX added this important feast day to the Church’s calendar. Each year we honor the Sacred Heart 19 days following Pentecost. Those who are able to make an Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart on the Feast day can gain a plenary indulgence. There are also 12 promises that were revealed to St. Margaret Mary for those who are devoted to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.

This year the Solemnity falls on Friday, June 23rd and we will devote our weekend to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We will begin by participating in the Annual Global Rosary Relay as we join with people from all over the world to pray a rosary for the sanctification of priests. Each of the 50 participating shrines will pray a mystery of the rosary at a designated time in “thanksgiving to God for our priests and to implore the protection and loving care of Our Lady, Mother of all priests.” By the midnight, the entire world will be covered by this powerful prayer. For those unable to attend, the event will be televised at 8:30 am. Please join us in praying a rosary for our priests wherever you may be on this day.

We will conclude our observance of the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a healing service that will take place at 6:30 pm in the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Be assured that as we come together to meditate on the Sacred Heart, we will include you in our prayers and petitions.

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