Br. Leo Mary was born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  In 1992, at 19 years of age, he joined the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word.  He professed perpetual vows in 1998.  With a gift for innovation and a mechanical inclination, Br. Leo has designed and created a workable washing machine, dryer, mechanical bike, catapult and a hovercraft.  He uses his creations and inventions to communicate the Catholic faith to children in his EWTN show “Hey Br. Leo!”  In 2008 he wrote a children’s book with the same title and another in 2012.  Br. Leo continues to build mechanical devices for upcoming shows.

10 thoughts on “Br. Leo Mary’s Vocation Story

  1. My grandkids love to watch Brother Leo on EWTN after school. It’s extra special for them to see him on TV since he also comes to their school to visit!

  2. Brother Leo I have watched your progress for many years and you are a great addition to EWTN. Love how you react with the children.

  3. Brother Leo, we miss seeing you. Our grandkids would love to see seeing you on tv now. Grad to see you reading at mass.

  4. I felt a real sense of humility from him as he talked about his upbringing and his call to discern.
    Thank you Brother Leo for your contribution s are more than you realize.

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