Gilbert Keith Chesterton said it first: “The Catholic Faith is the only things that can save a man from the degrading slavery of becoming a child of his age.” It is the Catholic Church alone that protects us from buying into the idiocy, the stupidity, and the craziness of our Culture of Death today. If our faith did not more for us that just that, we would have been well served. Without faith we become the most gullible creatures on earth. If you don’t believe in anything, you end up believing anything, like the garbage of the latest “best-smeller.”

Look what happened to the people in the last century who espoused Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, Racism, and torture. They were all lies; and not they have nothing to show for it. Big promises; no delivery! It was like an insane dream blinded from the reality of truth, living in the clouds of their own nightmares. All of these movements failed because they would not accept the great God who is the only true and lasting orientation or all of us. Emptiness and waste is all they had to offer. Just bubbles, that quickly burst and disappear, but not before they had poisoned millions of hearts and lives.

The degrading slavery of the 21st century cannot possibly get any lower and more debasing. Full of deceit it just has to be rooted in the entrails of Satan. We call it fore-flushing, but it is just a commode of unflushed refuse. Its initial and on-going overture if pornography, which fast becomes an addiction protected in civil courts as “freedom of speech”. This filth destroys minds and hearts more quickly than alcohol and drugs together. Intrinsically evil, it can paralyze all ages and degrees of virtue.

If you follow the sequences of pornography, are you surprised that a third of our children are illegitimate? That two-thirds of all African American children are born into a home without a father? That half of the marriages in America end in divorce? They call it “no-fault” divorce. We don’t like to point fingers! We have learned to tolerate just about anything. We Americans have killed by surgical abortion more than the entire population of Canada. Moslems will soon outnumber Christians in western Europe.

One public school teacher told me that she was suspended without pay for telling her class that pre-marital sex is wrong and that homosexual marriage is forbidden by God. She is forbidden to read from the Bible in her classroom; but students can sing the filthiest, dirtiest songs in the school’s corridors. Christmas and Easter holidays become “winter and spring break”. Cursing and swearing, taking God’s name in vain, is “colorful language” in class plays.

Don’t be alarmed when the courts decide to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. “In God We Trust” may soon be struck from our currency. How sad this turnaround from the thinking of the Founders of this nation! The child of this age is Secularism: To relegate God to the grave of history. God is dead! More than ever in our country do we need the Catholic Faith to defend the rights of God, to bring sanity back to a world that has lost its mind and is in danger of losing its heart and soul as well.

3 thoughts on “Degrading Slavery of Our Age

  1. I read this article and agree with its premise. I also agree with the notion that the point is to relegate God to the dustbin of history. For Catholicism to try to help win back the world will require much blood because nothing short of annihilation is planned for Catholics. Sorry to be so down but we are cooking in a stew of our (society’s) own making. God is letting His faithful see what life here is like without Him. Pray. Pray. Pray.

  2. I agree with every word, thank you!
    And so we will pray more, we will pray for conversion, we will work on ourselves and we’ll try to set a good example and yes, we sometimes need to shout it from the rafters. A gentle reminder also that we are forbidden by Him to get anxious or to worry.

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