Thank you for your continued concern for Father Anthony Mary. As many of you know, Father has a chronic health condition (not terminal), which means he wrestles with serious bouts of fatigue and has had to reduce his regular pastoral load. He is grateful for your care and for your prayers. He sends his love to all of you and hopes to be back on the air in the near future.

130 thoughts on “Father Anthony Mary Update

  1. I’m so happy to hear Father Anthony will be returning soon! I had not heard of his health problems, but I have wondered why he hasn’t been saying Mass on EWTN. I will keep him in my prayers! Thanks for posting this update!

    1. We miss Father Anthony’s great homilies. His loving and kind delivery is outstanding. His wit and humility greatly appreciated while embracing the gospel message.

      1. May the Lord Jesus, the Great Physician, touch your heart and restore you to full health. Your calming voice proclaiming the wisdom of God is greatly missed.

    2. I miss Father Anthony on EWTN. I watch the Mass every day. I am so glad Father Anthony will be returning soon. He is in my Prayers.

    3. I am so glad to hear that Fr Anthony will be returning. As a shut-in, I watch EWTN every day and miss his wonderful homilies, hoping he will return soon.

    4. It is now almost March and still no Father Anthony Mary. As an RN something is very wrong. This makes me very sad. Nobody has to reveal personal information. It is still very sad. And makes people worry when you have been following Father for years. We, the people can give this situation to Jesus. We can pray. May the Crucified Christ bless him. May the Divine Mercy heal him. May he receive every grace and blessing in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    5. Thank you for the update Mary! Didn’t know about his health issues and we miss him on the EWTN masses, too!

  2. Hello Fr Anthony , my prayers for you , hope you will be back on the air very soon . Knew
    Something is going on since your not been on
    the air lately .Missed your mass and of course
    your nice homilies .Hope you will be back soon . God Bless.

  3. Dear Fr Anthony. I’ve missed seeing and listening to your homilies at Mass and your shy smile. Only today I’ve read about your health but I am overjoyed that you are well on your way to joining us again. My prayers and God bless you from India

  4. Just know that I miss your presence as I was the mass. Its been such a long time, I feel like I know all the friars. I too had a bout with illness that knocked me down. I one day hope, hope, hope to come and visit you all in Alabama

  5. We miss Father Anthony Mary and look forward to him back on EWTN!
    He gives the best homilies to start our days!! God bless you, Father!!❤️

  6. God bless you Father Anthony…..I was just commenting on how much I miss watching you say Mass, and we both were wondering where you have been ! Keep praying for us, and listen to your Mother Mary….”rest and pray”…Let the Lord do the rest…..! Miss your sermons, and your refreshing smile….you light up our day! God Bless…see you soon !

  7. Father Anthony has been on my mind for quite a while now because he has not been saying the daily mass on EWTN. Thank you for posting about his health, so we can be praying for his continued healing, and hopefully, full recovery. I so miss his wonderful homilies – full of humor and wisdom, and his contagious smile! God bless you Father Anthony & may Mother Mary embrace you in her mantle.

    1. I agree with all Rosemary said…………..miss Fr. Anthony and knew something was wrong. He is in our prayers and hope he recovers soon. Your homilies are the best!! God be with you.

  8. So sorry you are ill Father Anthony. Praying for your speedy recovery. I am a regular viewer of the EWTN daily Mass as here in our Cornwall Parish because of lack of priests we are lucky if we have a Mass on week days. Any way I am grateful for small mercies. Do say a prayer for me and my family. Thank you.

  9. Dear Fr. Anthony,
    I’m an avid fan of EWTN since I came here in the United States way back in 2003. I started my day through the prayers and mass everyday.
    I have been really wondering about you, Father Anthony for a while and is always looking for ward to hear you at mass and listen to your homily. Today, Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, I was thinking of a way to know what’s happening to you and I’m happy to see the update. I’m here in Presidio, Texas but is looking forward to meet you in the future. I’m happy to hear that you will be back soon. God bless you and your ministry.

  10. Fr Anthony, I miss your wonderful homilies. I will be praying for you health to return.
    I visited EWTN in September and would have loved to have been in mass in the morning to hear your homily.
    God Bless You Always.

    1. Fr. Anthony, I pray for your return to good health. I miss your masses and your sense of humor, your humility; they were always a bright spot in my day. I look forward to your return.

  11. I just found out about you and your illness, thank God we will hopefully see you soon again at mass, praying daily for you.

  12. Happy to hear that Father Anthony will be back with us soon. I miss his insightful homilies and cheeky sense of humor. I’m sure Father is bearing with his illness with grace and humor😊


  14. I’m glad to hear I can look forward to your return. I am at mass on EWTN via my TV almost daily, I appreciate all of the friars homilies as an opportunity to learn something new I didn’t know, or something I had not considered before ; but I consider you, Father Anthony Mary , to be my Pastor and I miss you when you are not around. Prayers for your health!!

  15. Dear Father Antony Mary, I dearly missed you and your homilies attending the masses at EWTN and now
    knowing that you have health problems i will pray that our Lord may restore your health and grant you well being.
    God bless you hoping you will be back soon on the aire.

  16. Dear Father Anthony Mary,
    My husband and I always enjoyed your celebration of the Mass. We lived in very rural Va and there was frequently no daily mass. We are and were very appreciative of EWTN and their faithfulness in bringing us the Mass . We miss you as we would always say “It’s Father Anthony!!!” You are great. We have missed you a lot. We will keep you in our prayers as well as all your brother Friars and all. God bless,
    The Carter family

  17. Fr. Anthony, take a well-earned rest. Sometimes we don’t rest when we need to. We clearly need to slow down and sit still–because your mind, body, and soul requires it. Trust that we all need to take care of ourselves. And let God give us love, courage, strength, and hope. Looking forward to your homilies. Would like to see you have your own show to teach and inspire us. Praying for you.

    1. Sorry to hear that you are ill—praying that God will heal you soon.
      We miss your morning mass and homily. We always enjoyed your homily.
      May Jesus, our Lord and God heal you so that you can say the daily mass at EWTN

  18. Father Anthony, please know that many are praying for you and miss you. Our Lord has a funny way of showing us that, but we know that He is good and loving always. I place you in the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother as there she will keep you close to Her Son. I’ve also placed your name under my St. Joseph statue; as I would have put you under St. Anthony, St. Joseph has a nifty little drawer! Praying that we’ll see you soon.

  19. My mother only watches one TV show. That is EWTN. Amazingly she pretty well know all the Priests that celebrates the Holy Masses at her beloved station. For weeks she has been missing your masses, Father Anthony. She loved listening to your homilies. We will pray for your health and hoping for your return to EWTN again. God bless you!

  20. Happy to have found this info on how you are doing Fr. Anthony. I am keeping you in prayer indeed and am so glad you are making your way back to your tv network viewing audiences . Hope you take the all the time that is needed to return in good health. I am looking forward to hearing your homilies again.

  21. Thank you for giving us an update. I, too, have been wondering what happened to Father Anthony Mary; I love his homilies.

    Please tell him to rest and that he is in my prayers. God bless him and all at EWTN for the wonderful work you do.

    “To Jesus thru Mary” always.

  22. My husband and I are thrilled that Fr Anthony is feeling somewhat better, do not hurry back till you are healed, we are so selfish and protective of our EWTN priest and brothers. You are missed so very much. When you dont bless our living rooms daily we worry. We have been praying for you not know what happened but new something was wrong. my 91 year old mother also has been praying
    for you and misses you. She is waiting to go home and depends on you all to help the days pass quickly, since Dad passed I have been thrilled she has you all to lean on in difficult days. God bless you Fr Anthony and all your brothers in faith.

  23. Father Anthony has been one of my favorite priests because of his lighthearted and uplifting manner in which he delivers his homilies. All of the priests are wonderful.. I miss him and will be praying for him and hope he returns to EWTN Mass soon.

  24. My thoughts and prayers are with you that God bless you with better health so you can continue to do God’s work and bring souls to Jesus. I was wondering what happened to you because I so much enjoy your homilies and your sense of humor. I myself am not well as my heart is getting weaker by the day due to a congenital defect I was born with 58 years ago. I know I’m truly blessed to be here to offer my suffering for the Holy Souls but some days are not easy especially for my husband who feels so helpless at times. We both believe that this is the life God chose for us and we have total trust in him.

    Thanks to you and all the Friars for your dedication and sacrifice especially for all of us who are home bound with illnesses.

    God Bless all of you

  25. Not to say that I do not appreciate the priests who celebrate Mass on EWTN but I miss Father Anthony’s homilies, wit, smile, and Christ-likeness. I pray for your improved health.

  26. Dear Father Anthony,
    “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” -2 Corinthians 12:9
    Prayers and wishes for improved health sent to you, specially to St. Anthony of Padua, who intercedes for those who have lost their health and strength.
    Restful times may allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten you with future inspirational homilies. 8 )

  27. I’ve missed you Fr. Anthony and I am so glad to know you will be serving Mass once again as you recover. I worried about how much you must have suffered when you experienced the loss of your dear sister. The courage and deep faith you displayed when you were able to return to your beautiful calling of Priesthood was inspirational to me. You helped me endure the loss of both my mother and father as my faith journey deepens each day. You will be in my prayers as you recover. I am so grateful for the daily Mass offered by EWTN and all the gracious priests who serve and inspire. I consider myself an intimate parishioner of a world-wide parish! Thank you and God Bless you All!

  28. I am so glad to hear Fr. Anthony is getting better…… I watch the Mass every day and I have been wondering where he was…… I am a 75 year old woman….and watching the Mass just makes my day….. I love the way he speaks to us through his Homiles. He also tells us some of the names of
    The servers and Choir members and keeps us up to date on what’s going on…it is truly a family atmosphere….so I will pray for you every day until you feel strong enough to return to saying Mass…..May GOD Bless you and keep you in His loving care…😇🙏

  29. Dear Fr. Anthony, Finally located this site and that you are hoping to return to Daily Mass at the Chapel. I am housebound and the EWTN services provide me that blessing. Have been very worried as to why you weren’t there. Love your homilies laced with your humor and smile. I will pray for your return even on an occasional appearance. Take care and will ask the Blessed Mother to take you into her motherly arms and ask Jesus to help you get well.

  30. dear fr anthony….miss you terribly your masses and homilies…..just read about your health issues….may the LORD grant you good health….looking forward to see ing you at Mass soon….praying for you….

  31. Danial 3.1-3 you too my friend will walk out of the furnace. You are very holy and very blessed. Your homilies are the best I have ever heard . You sir bring the light of God into many souls . Time for rest and reflection . And a gathering of strength for the coming storm.

  32. Regarding Fr. Anthony Mary
    I hope and pray that someday very soon we will be able to share/watch the Mass being celebrated by our dear Fr. Anthony! I am so grateful for EWTN! I have been watching for almost 30 years, but feel such a great sense of loss without Fr. Anthony’s homilies! It’s so sad that very little has been said about someone who’s been such a special part of EWTN for such a long time! Not even praying for him at the Masses. We miss you so much Fr. Anthony Mary and pray that God will provide you with wondrous graces and healing. God bless you Fr. Anthony Mary.

  33. Fr. Anthony, I miss you, your smiles, and your homilies on morning Mass. I am praying for you to get much better soon. Chronic challenges take such work & commitment! And tons of help, time for ourselves, prayer, & the spirit of Our Lord within. Along w/ many others viewers, I look forward to your return soon to the things you love.

  34. my dear Father Anthony,,you are truly my favorite,,I missed seeing and hearing you on EWTN
    I pray to our Blessed Mother Mary for your healing and strength..I know that Jesus will hear my prayers to His Mother..God Bless..

  35. My husband and I also miss Father Anthony and his homilies, Sorry to hear he is not well. Will include him and all the brothers in our prayers. Thanks for all you do….it does make a difference. God Bless you all. Take good care Father and hope to see you soon.

  36. All that can be said has been said above. I cannot add more. But , always having an opinion , I will say I love you as a brother and as a brother I ask “are you just a night person like myself and have zero energy in the mornings “. A little humor in that statement, but I want and people need you back.
    In your own time is OK with me. God watch over you.🙏

  37. I shall pray for you, Fr. Anthony and look forward to your practical and helpful homilies! Your sense of humour is dearly missed as well. From Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  38. Our Dearest Father Anthony,My husband Richie and I have been missing you very much. We have been praying for you each day. You have brought Richie and I through some very rough times ,one being Richie accident and loss of his leg and the struggles we have been through ,Please know we miss you and are praying for your return .With Gods love and prayers we hope to see you back soon..

  39. I love you, Father Anthony, and have missed you so much.
    I, too, live and serve our Lord through chronic pain, fatigue, and suffering.
    May we unite all for the intentions of the Two Hearts, with dear St Joseph (and, of course, with our beloved Mother Angelica’s help!)
    “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love you.
    Save souls!!!” 🙏📿

  40. Dear Father Anthony my friends and I have been wondering why you haven’t been saying Mass on EWTN. We miss you and are keeping you in our prayers. Praying you are feeling better. We miss you and your wonderful homilies. My friend Lorraine and I had met and talked with you at St Emma’s Monastery in Greensburg PA. We had actually talked with you in the Nun’s chapel. It was when Fr William Kiel was giving a Retreat in September 2017. It was so nice meeting you. We are keeping you in our prayers. Looking forward to seeing you on EWTN soon. Take care and God Bless

    1. I am a lay Carmelite can you please tell me what was the name of the Monastery we are looking forward to see Father do you know the true about wrote3of feb 2019. where can l see him is he really sick or did he leave.Sister Therese Helene.

  41. Praying for you Father Anthony. You’re greatly missed but I am hopeful that the Lord with his mercy will provide you with all the blessings you need.

  42. Father Anthony I miss your smiling face and inspirational homilies. Will pray for you and ask God to restore you to good health.

  43. Thinking of you and miss you saying Mass…listening to your homily’s and your sense of humor…Praying you are feeling better…we miss you very much…

  44. Fr. Anthony. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery . It is great to learn that your recovery is moving in the right direction. God Bess you always.

  45. In 2012 I was drawn to EWTN due to grieving & found daily Mass and the humor & frankness of Father Anthony Mary in his sermons. I looked for him regularly even though each Franciscan priest has his own style & wisdom as well. Miss him GREATLY & will keep watching for him & keep him my prayers. So glad there is an EWTN.

  46. Gods Holy Spirit will Engulf your Very Being and will Free You from the Illness Thats hampering Your Health Father Anthony. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  47. Dearest Fr. Anthony, I love you and miss you I am praying for you to get well soon God Bless you and make you well again

  48. Dear Father Anthony: Hope you are feeling better. We have missed you for months, and I checked the website a month or two ago and was concerned. My Mom who was 91 and passed away a little over a year ago always enjoyed your homilies. My brother always watches the daily Mass as he can’t attend. Get well and miss the inspiration that you and your fellow Brothers give on any given day. God Bless.

  49. Dear Father Anthony, Since there has not been even the slightest mention of you on EWTN since your absence several months ago, I have been deeply worried about you. I consider you a “family” member! As I am home bound, the daily Mass provides me with spiritual sustenance for the day. Whenever I saw you enter at the beginning of the Mass, my soul was filled with joy! The finest homilists should be assigned to the televised Mass as it is the most effective means of evangelization. I continue to pray for a return to health and a return to the televised Mass. I wish that your name would be included in the Mass intentions. ..a “family” member disappears suddenly and not one request for prayers?????

  50. Mi nombre es Maria Valadez, soy una fiel seguidora del padre Anthony, me sorprende mucho esterarme de la condición de salud puesto que no sabia que se encontraba delicado. Esperemos es Dios padre que pronto se recupere. Bendiciones

  51. Dear Father Anthony Mary, My husband and I have been so concerned about you and miss you terribly . Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are all so blessed to have EWTN and all the Franciscan Missionaries at our fingertips, smart phones, tablets, tv, radio computers. May God grant you strength and good health and bring you back to us soon.

  52. Dear Friends at EWTN
    I am not of the Roman Catholic faith but I am a practicing Episopalian up here in New York State. I believe in the one Holy Catholic Church and believe we are all working together as we travel the road to Heaven. I have missed Fr. Anthony and am relieved to know that he will be back as soon as his health has improved. His gentle manner and humor is sorely missed.
    Thank you so much for your daily blessings

  53. Dear Father Anthony
    We miss you and pray that God will restore you to better health.
    Thank you for your homilies and thank you for your strong faith. You are a great example for us .

  54. We Miss Fr. Anthony Mary. Please EWTN if some priest are ill and we do not see them offering Mass , we audience miss them . Please inform viewers and we all pray for our EWTN priests and brothers.

  55. I am so happy I finally found out what happened to our beloved Fr Anthony. He can be assured he will be in my prayers. He is a beautiful priest and excellent homilist. God be with you.

  56. Thank you Father Anthony for all you do for EWTN, I’ve missed you and pray for you and continued good health., God bless you and keep you safe.. I look forward to you returning to EWTN,🙏

  57. Fr. Anthony, May our Lord Jesus come and cover you with His Precious Blood, fill you with his Holy Spirit. May Mary, our Blessed Mother wrap you with her mantle and help you heal. I will pray for your healing & good health!

  58. Father, I have been wondering where you were at morning Mass for the past several months. I am just now learning of your difficulties and I wish you well and a speedy recovery. I do truly miss your presence at Mass and you sermons. Hope to see you soon. May God Bless YOU.

  59. We miss you and your celebration of Mass on EWTN. You are so authentic and dear to so many. Get well soon. You are in our prayers.

  60. Bless you Fr. Anthony Mary…
    My son who has Autism and I miss you dearly.. We pray for your health and hope to see you soon on our beloved EWTN.. ❤🙏

  61. Thank you for the update on Fr. Anthony, we truly miss him!! We’ll be praying for a him and look forward to his return. We miss you Fr. Anthony and your wonderful sermons. Take care & God Bless.

  62. I have not seen Fr. Anthony for a while on EWTN and became concerned. I got on the EWTN web site and after a few searches, I learned that you are with the network, but having some health problems. Fr. I always love to listen to your homily, sometimes pretty humorous. The darkness always do anything to disturb the light. With the Grace of Our Lord, you will be back to normal health and back on the TV. I know how it feels to be tired. See your DR, drink filtered water, eat healthy, exercise, less stress, but most of all, get closer to Our Lord. You will be fine. I will remember you in my prayers. God Bless!!

  63. We so look forward to Fr. Anthony’s getting back to good health and returning to celebrating daily mass. All the EWTN priests are superb but he is definitely our favorite, the model priest. Get well soon!!

  64. I truly miss Fr. Anthony from the EWTN Mass. I was wondering where he was and I just googled his name and there it is. My husband and I will be praying for you, Fr. Anthony, so you can continue saying masses on EWTN. The daily mass is the first thing I tune in to in the morning. We missed your wit and uplifting homilies. God bless you and keep you always.

  65. I just saw the reason why I haven’t seen you saying Mass on EWTN. Many prayers for your healing and return. I love all the others and their various, wonderful personalities, but you Father Anthony speak directly to my heart. God Bless you always!

  66. God bless you Fr. Anthony and may our blessed Lord heal and strengthen you. We miss you and pray that you will soon be able to return to us all on EWTN! +++

  67. So grateful to hear that Fr. Anthony may soon be back. He has been missed by so many and our prayers for his recovery will continue. Many thanks for the beautiful music with which we have been graced of late, though the cantor (Mark?) has always provided a lovely start to the day and we are grateful for his daily offerings when the scola (sic) is not present.

  68. I am sorry you have been ill. I wondered why have not seen you do the mass . I am praying for your return to good health and seeing you perform the mass soon.

  69. My mother has missed Fr. Anthony for awhile now. We are glad to fianally know he will be back soon. We will both be praying for him and hope he gets all the rest he greatly desirves. Could someone please let us know exactly what his health problem is?

    Sandi and my mother is Patricia

  70. Father Anthony, you are truly missed celebrating mass. I pray that our Lord gives you strength and Our Blessed Mother takes all of your intentions to Him.

  71. Father Anthony, we miss you. I hope my family and l can say “He’s back”. Every morning we pray and look forward to seeing you and officiate the mass. You are the best homilist and our favorite. We will pray for you. God Bless.

  72. I don’t know what is causing your fatigue Father. I will do more penance so God will heal you.

  73. Every day I am looking forward to hear Fr. Anthony say mass. I love to listen to his sermon which is really very related to our lives . He always enthusiastically and lively delivers his sermon with his gestures and humor. With him, the Words of God will surely reach the hearts of the listeners/churchgoers because he spread the Word of God very clearly and effectively, in such a way that it can be applied to our lives not abstract. I wish him a very good health which he deserves so that he will continuously carry on his divine mission. May God heal you soon. I miss you,Fr. Anthony.(from a Filipina in Minnesota)

  74. I am delighted to know that Fr Anthony Mary will be back to celebrate Mass on EWTN. I’ve missed your wonderful homilies and your celebration of Holy Mass. So glad you are well enough to return.

  75. I am happy to know where you’ve been Fr Anthony… now I know to pray for you in a special way. I too have a Chronic Illness and the Fatigue is the hardest part. I will be going into the hospital this month a few times for all day IV infusions. Will be offering up for you! All4JMJ, Sarah Miller

  76. Dear Father Anthony, I’ve been praying for your healing and recovery! I have greatly missed you and your awesome homilies! You always put a smile on my face. God bless you!

  77. I am so happy to know Fr Anthony will be coming to EWTN soon. I miss him very much. He has a lot of love for others, and his smile touches people’s hearts. May Jesus Divine Mercy embrace him in His loving arms and heal him completely. He is in my prayers.

  78. I missed father Anthony so much. I just googled his name to find out that he is not well.
    I will keep him in my prayers and hope to see him soon. I miss his contagious smile and his uplifting homelies. We need more priests like you.

  79. My prayers go out to Father Anthony for a speedy recovery. I found ewtn and the daily mass when the Catholic school I had taught for 35 years was about to close. Father Anthony always had an upbeat approach. Blessings for the work you do.

  80. I too am praying daily for Fr. Anthony and anxiously await his return . His homilies are so special and spirit filled with that adorable sense of humor. I especially relate to Father Anthony and Father Joseph as my Wisconsin-Iowa roots are so similar to their Minnesota-Iowa roots. Living in the state of Washington now, something is sorely missing in my life and both priests being it back to me. God Love you both and to all of EWTN. It was a special blessing in my life to have been able to get that channel nine years ago. GOD BLESS!

  81. I am an avid viewer I and did not realize Father Anthony Mary’s absence was due an illness. i will pray for his speedy recovery and also pray that he can whip us all back into continued spiritual understanding with his wit. May GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS HIM.

  82. Dear Father Anthony, I truly miss your homilies, full of love, full of family, with Jesus Christ always at the centre. Your celebration of the “Sacred Mysteries” of the Holy Mass are done with a beautiful grace as only a holy priest like yourself can do. I know our Lord is asking the Father to heal you and bring you back to all of us who love your witness of the Apostolic Church.

  83. Fr. Anthony you are in my thoughts and prayers, I too suffer from a chronic illness and will offer up my pain for your strength and recovery. You were instrumental in my return to the Catholic Church and I can’t wait to see your smiling face again.

  84. Fr Anthony, I thank God for you, you are very humble, we miss your homily a lot. Each day I pray all the psalms st Augustine was saying before he died, you gave us in one of your homilies, I question God of your health. So one day I saw you in my dream at mass, I knew you will soon recover. May God continue to keep you alive and strong for us. Thank you Jesus.


  86. My 97 year old Mom listens to the Mass every day, God Love Her. She was worried about Father Anthony, so I googled this site and told Mom that he would be back, she was thrilled. Please tell him we are all praying for his recovery!

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