Patricia Sandoval shares her inspiring story of tragedy and triumph: from abortion, drug abuse, and homelessness, to pro-life advocate and evangelist.

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3 thoughts on “Life on the Rock | 2019-01-13 | Patricia Sandoval

  1. So happy to hear about Frs. Leonard and Anthony. Good luck and prayers to Fr. Leonard on his new venture; im sure he will do well in his studies. Fr. Anthony suffered a traumatic event when his twin died. Her prolonged illness had to have been devastating; and her death had to have been so sad for him. Depression during grief is very normal. Prayers for Fr. Anthony ; hoping he begins to feel better and stronger🙏💜

  2. Was so worried about Father Anthony. Bless him and wish him well. Miss that big smile of his. I love all on EWTN. Bless you all

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