Patricia Sandoval shares her inspiring story of tragedy and triumph: from abortion, drug abuse, and homelessness, to pro-life advocate and evangelist.

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15 thoughts on “Life on the Rock | 2019-01-13 | Patricia Sandoval

  1. So happy to hear about Frs. Leonard and Anthony. Good luck and prayers to Fr. Leonard on his new venture; im sure he will do well in his studies. Fr. Anthony suffered a traumatic event when his twin died. Her prolonged illness had to have been devastating; and her death had to have been so sad for him. Depression during grief is very normal. Prayers for Fr. Anthony ; hoping he begins to feel better and stronger🙏💜

  2. So HAPPY to hear Father Anthony is doing better. Such a swell Father . Will keep him in our prayers .

  3. Was so worried about Father Anthony. Bless him and wish him well. Miss that big smile of his. I love all on EWTN. Bless you all

  4. I love Frs. Anthony and Leonard. I miss seeing them on EWTN. I do hope they come back soon. May God bless and keep them safe.

  5. Who is the African priest who has been at daily mass for the last month and why have I not seen him celebrate or preach or have I just missed it? Thanks and God bless.

  6. Really do miss seeing Father Anthony Mary, on EWTN. His soft spoken words of faith, hope, and love, are so inspiring. Praying God’s healing radiance will bring you back soon. Sorry for the loss of your sister, Surely, she is resting now in the Lord.

  7. I truly appreciate and enjoy Fr Anthony’s homilies. We look forward to his return.

    We we’re driving from Atlanta to Virginia yesterday, March 8, 2020. My husband thought he had found EWTN recorded Mass for the day. It was so beautiful and incredibly meaningful, I decided I would order the transcript. We were tired and apparently we were not listening to the 3/8/20 Mass.

    We know Fr Anthony delivered the homily and we know one of the readings included that familiar phrase and I will paraphrase and probably mess it up, “…I have fought the good fight…”. Fr Anthony compared the tax collector’s humble admission to his sins and the pious man who compared himself to those around him and decided he was pretty good. The final lines are from an author who compares a pristine white cottage he spotted on a train trip to England and the cottage on his return trip. The same cottage was surrounded by deep, freshly fallen snow, the return trip. In comparison to the blanket of pure white snow, the cottage looked dingy.

    Can you help me locate the transcript?

  8. I have been worried for a while about Fr. Anthony since he has not celebrated mass for sometime. Just learned why. Get well soonest as we miss you and your beautiful homily. God bless you and everyone at EWTN.

  9. Fr Anthony I miss your masses and homilies. I pray that you will be feeling better soon.

  10. Good morning Father Anthony you was on my mind praying for you hope you will be bach soon miss you take care and my God bless you pray for me and my family

  11. Father Anthony, we miss you in the EWTN Masses!!! I loved hearing your homilies and your sense of humor. I hope you are doing well. We will be praying for you and for all the priests in the world. We love you!!! 🙂

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