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  1. Best wishes to you Fr. Anthony on your 25 years! Thank you for all your work and those good homilies! Miss you and hope your health improves! Blessings always!

  2. Father Anthony Mary, I miss dearly watching you on EWTN. I would always look forward to your homilies. I pray you are doing well and I selfishly pray you will once again come back to EWTN…. God Bless You…

  3. Father Anthony Mary, God bless you and I pray soon your health improves, so you will come back to us with those excelent homilies that have been so good to our souls. Your words and your smile gave me hope when I was in a very hard trouble, I thank God for you.

  4. Dear Father Anthony Mary, you are in our prayers and thoughts. We really miss you on EWTN. Your homilies always kept my attention and made me feel better. God bless you

  5. Father, I pray your health is improving, and I hope you will be able to deliver homilies on EWTN sometime soon. I miss your messages so much…always focusing on our souls. Your gentleness of delivery, your smiles, your anecdotes. are sorely missed. May God continue to Bless you. Praying for continued healing.

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