With sorrow in our hearts we regret to inform you about the passing of Mr. Peter Revilla, father of our brother, Fr. Leonard. Mr. Revilla entered eternity Saturday at 5:59PM PST. He was a faithful Catholic, military veteran, barber, draftsman, Knight of Columbus, and Third Order Franciscan. Father returned to Los Angeles right before his dad’s death to give him last rites. Please join us in praying for the blessed repose of his soul and the comfort and consolation of his family.
Eternal rest, grant unto Peter O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

63 thoughts on “Fr. Leonard’s Father Enters Eternity

  1. Keeping you in my prayers Fr. Leonard. The loss of a dad is so overwhelming. He may be gone, but never forgotten. He has left such a wonderful legacy a son that walks with the Lord. May he rest in peace.

    1. We have been praying for your Dad…we enjoyed your heartfelt story during homily today regarding your father during his last days in hospital with Covid….You have reinforced how your love of our God & believing in his help was proven by You being allowed into hospital to give your Dad his last rites!…YOur Dad was surely BLESSED as were You!…thank you for sharing that moving story…God Bless You

    2. Losing our parents is very painful. Your father seemed very proud of you as his son. Please know that we pray for his soul and for you, that Jesus will hold you up and one day we’ll be together again

  2. Father Leonard, my condolences on the passing of your father. I hope you found consolation in your being able to be there we him. God bless you and your family.

  3. Father my husband and I are praying for your dad and for you…from what I read about your dad was he was much in love with Jesus and taught you to walk with him by example….we miss you very much!!!

  4. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family. Missing your beautiful homilies and praying for your safe return.

  5. Father Leonard, you and your family are still in my daily prayers . I pray the Almighty Good Lord watch over your family and and give you the strength and might to get through this rough time. It is well with your dad’s soul.

  6. Fr. Leonard, I send you and your family deepest sympathies on your loss of your father. I will remember him in my daily office and prayers. Pax et Bo un. Br Sean Francis TaylorFBR

  7. My deepest condolences to you Father Leonard and your whole family.
    I still mourn the loss of my dad and he’s gone 33 years.
    You may have a hole in your heart but God fills it with His love.

  8. Fr. Leonard my deep condolences to your family about your father and your family I have lost my grandparents and one of my classmates and my art teacher died in a house fire
    I have also lost my cat form kidney disease on Wednesday, April 1,2020

  9. Father Leonard, Sending prayers for your Dad and you and your family. I miss seeing you at daily Mass and hope that you are able to return soon. Your messages are always so relevant and powerful. God bless you.

  10. Our Prayers for you and your family father. We love you and miss you. God welcomes your father to Eternal Happiness.

  11. I have a lot of respect for parents who create a Catholic environment and are willing to give their children to the service of Jesus Christ by becoming a priest, and other religious orders. So it with profound grief I join the family of God to comfort Fr. Leonard and his entire family over the death of their loving father. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  12. May God our Father receive your father into his eternal arms. Our love and prayers go out to you and your family.

  13. Awaiting your return to Mass. Thoughts and prayers have been with you my Franciscan Brother. Pax et bonum…

  14. So sorry for your loss Father I lost my mother in late October I miss your homilies and of course Mass Stay safe come back soon

  15. Father Leonard, my sincere condolences 💐 for the loss of your beloved father. My prayers are with you and your family.
    I am confident your dad is gazing on the Face of Jesus!!
    Miss you at morning mass Father and your inspirational homily’s.
    Be assured of my daily prayers.
    Your sister in Christ, Darlene

  16. FR. Leonard, we met you in December at St. Michael’s Abbey and spoke with you and had pictures taken with you. You were so gracious when we told you that we love your holy Masses and homilies and that we feel like you’re a friend of ours. We are so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing, and pray that he rest in the peace of Heaven. We pray for you, too, and that you’ll soon be back serving Our Lord at EWTN.

  17. Father Leonard…..deepest condolences on the passing of your father……I watch daily mass on EWTN and always look forward to your presiding the Mass. Your brief stories about your family hits close to home….God Bless you and your family..

  18. I don’t understand why Father Leonard Mary Revilla no longer presides over EWTN morning mass , is there any other way I can see or listen to his homilies? He was truly the best of all , I am sad that I can no longer attend his Mass.

    1. I agree with you Alexandra. I miss Father Leonard, especially his straight from the heart homilies without needing notes or long quotations. He speaks from the heart, something I wish the other priests would do at EWTN.

  19. Father Leonard, my husband and I are so sorry about your loss. You were blessed with a father who loved and served our Lord.
    “Our loved ones are not separated from us, only invisible to us.” Pope John 23rd
    My husband and I miss your homilies. When are you returning?

  20. Father Leonard, so sorry for your loss, may your father Rest In Peace, and let perpetual light shine upon him. Know of my prayers for and your family 🙏

  21. My deepest sympathy to Fr Leonard and his family. God bless. Eternal rest grant unto Peter Lord and May perpetual light shine upon him. May he Rest In Peace 🙏

  22. Father Leonard, our deepest condolences. May your father Rest In Peace. We look forward to your return to EWTN.

  23. Fr. Leonard your father is not suffering anymore because he’s in a better place with his beloved members of his family
    He’s with the Lord and he’s rejoicing with God
    In heaven he’s young again and he will miss you,and that you miss him
    Im looking forward to you to return to the Daily Mass on EWTN
    Fr. Leonard,I have lost some people that I knew ,but I have dreams about them at night
    As I’m sleeping at night,theyre trying to reach out to me,just as they were when they were alive

  24. Father Leonard, I was thrilled to hear on EWTN at one of the recent masses that you will be returning around the first week of April. Absolutely wonderful ! You have been missed a thousand times to the moon and back ! Your homilies are perfectly meaningful. Your “papi” Mr. Peter Revilla is smiling down at you everyday as he sits next to Jesus in Heaven. Bienvenido !

  25. Dear Father Leonard,
    I was truly sad to hear of your father Peter’s passing. May your father see the face of God, and may he rest in peace. My heart goes out to you, your brother and your Mother Rose.

  26. Dear Fr. Leonard , My prayers for you and your family and your beloved father rest in heaven and the arms of our lord.

  27. Fa Leonard, It was so awesome to meet you in person at Miraculous Medal on Sunday 3/28/2021. I went back on Monday to give you a package for your trip home some goodies for you and your brother and a donation to have breakfast or lunch, I missed you you had already left. I feel sad

  28. Father Leonard: I don’t know where you are but I’m glad you’ll be returning to EWTN. Love your homilies. I even saved one on DVD, for it was so empowering. Condolences on the death of your father.

  29. I watch daily Mass, on EWTN. Please pray for my brother, Peter, 77. He’s in hospice care, battling lung cancer & health issues. He returned to his Catholic roots, & got the Last Rites, from a Franciscan priest, in Raleigh, N.C.
    Fr. Leonard, I prayed for the repose of the soul of your beloved father. I pray for all, especially priests. My family tree has several priests & nun, in heaven. God bless all!

  30. So so glad to see you back with us and to hear your special homilies especially now while we are still suffering through this horrible Pandemic. The loss of your dad brought upon you many problems but God has brought you through and back to us. Your Father looked like such a Loving man. God bless you and your family with his great memory..
    I did not know of this avenue to you all at EWTN (our family) more now as we are not back in our pews as yet.
    I have called EWTN often asking when you would return.

  31. Fr. Leonard, you and your family have been in our prayers – it is hard to lose one’s father and we are so thankful you were there during his passing and were able to give him last rites. It was wonderful to see you back yesterday for the Rosary and today for Mass. To God be the glory for His promise of everlasting life!

  32. It is great to hear you say mass again. We are very sorry about the loss of your father
    May God bless you as you continue serving the Lord at EWTN.

  33. We are so sorry about your the lost of your father.I lost my dad 46 years ago and I still thing of him every day.we where so happy to see you back. God Bless you and your fam.

  34. Dear Father Leonard Mary,
    I am not sure if you will receive this!
    Oh happy day!!!!
    I am so very glad you are back !
    I am truly sorry for the passing of your father and I have been praying that you return to us!
    You have been a great spiritual influence on me during the Daily and Sunday Masses of this past year ! You always speak from your heart and I appreciate that about you!
    So I hope to see you more regularly and know I am praying for you and think you are very
    Thank You Father for returning to us
    and for all your beautiful Masses and homilies past , present and future.
    May God bless you and your family and friends.!
    Peace be with you, Joyce
    PS You are the image I have of St. Peter so when I saw “The Chosen”
    I was disappointed in the casting of
    Simon Peter????
    Some day we will know for sure !!!!hopefully if I get there??
    Easter Blessings!!!4/15/2021

  35. My condolences to you and your family. I have been watching EWTN as much as I can it has helped me to get closer to our Lord Jesus. I have the Magnificat book every month delivered to me and everyday I write the name of the father that says Mass that day. Sadly I found out about your Dad so sorry. I am so glad that you are back. Your homily and also Father John Paul and Father Joseph have brought me closer to our Lord. God Bless you all and thank you all for bringing Mass to all of us.

  36. Father Leonard, my husband and I are so very sorry for the loss of your father. We knew you were attending to family matters after your father’s passing and thought of you many times. It is so good to hear you say Mass again and deliver a homily that always touches our hearts and souls and gives us guidance. Thank you Father Leonard for being there for us. We pray God gives you peace and lifts your father to Heaven.

  37. Dear Father Leonard, we are so very sorry about the loss of your father. What a blessing you must have been to him. We are so blessed to have you back offering Mass and touching our hearts and souls with your homilies. You have a gift of communicating God’s message that inspires us to continue striving to do God’s will. Thank you for everything you do and for being a part of our daily life.

  38. Hi Fr. Leonard, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father.
    He raised a very good son as a priest & Is now reaping his rewards in heaven w/ his father.
    May God be with you & your brother during this very difficult time. My heart smiles when I see you enter the church as you have so much passion that it can be felt by your viewers & stays with a lasting impression on our hearts! You are amazing & don’t ever forget the difference that you make.
    We truly need & love your inspiration & guidance.
    May God bless you always!

  39. Dear Father Leonard , happy to see you back , I was worried because don’t know what happens . God bless you .

  40. Dear Father Leonard, I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your dear father.
    I will keep you and your brother in my prayers. I am truly thankful for you.

  41. Trying to compare people criticizing you for your political speeches from the pulpit to the persecution of Jesus is a new low even for you. You promoted a man who separated little children from their parents at the border. You can call it “persecution” if that helps you live with yourself.

  42. Father Leonard, my wife and I were wondering what happened to you on EWTN when we didn’t see you anymore. First, were were sad because we thought you left for good. Then, we were worried because I searched the internet to find out and nothing showed up. We finally discovered that you lost your father and we were once again saddened by this. Our prayers are offered to him and to you as well. May God bless you, Father Leonard.

  43. Father, I. Wanted to reaxh out to you, I enjoy your ceremonies on ewtn, and my deepest condolences go out to you 9n the loss of your father. Your ceremonies have lifted me up , I recently lost my father too, and my partner has left me and ice been battling PTSD. From the Iraqi war.
    If it wasnt for you and your up lifting. Way of relating the gospel to make me a better person in rodays rat race, has brought back into the faith.

    Thank you!

  44. Our sincere condolences on the passing of your father. We enjoy very much your masses at EWTN. We miss you. We are also from ELA, California.

  45. OMGosh, just realized it was Father Leonard’s FATHER not our Father Leonard. Feeling a tad dumb for not reading it clearly. Whew!

  46. My most reverend Father Leonard Mary . To turn on EWTN these days is one of the greatest priveledges one could have. Mother Angelica would be so proud. Not ony does every program try to reach out to all peoples,it does not matter what station that they are in life.I am not destitute, but I barely make ends meet. I am 68,disabeledand I feel my Lord every mrning from the minute I watch The Chapel of St. Michael through the Mass at 7;00. It makes for a wonderful day. May the Lord bless you all.

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