A Blessed Christmas to you all in this 800th Anniversary year of the first Creche of Saint Francis of Assisi!

4 thoughts on “Friars’ Christmas & New Year’s Schedule

  1. Why father pascal laughs when he is saying homilies? A terrible nervous tick
    And is that lady with the white veil and black clothes sitting at the first pew a nun and if yes with community

  2. I just want to wish all the Priests and Brothers at EWTN A Blessed and Merry Christmas. Thank you for your great homilies, especially Fr Joseph. And ask prayers for two of my nieces who are dealing with cancer. And also for an end of abortions. And for world peace

  3. I have wondered for a long time what has happened to Dear Fr. Anthony Mary? Please let me know. I am praying for him. I hope he is well. God bless you all. Elaine

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