IRONDALE, Ala. – Friars held elections at Annunciation Friary Friday August 12th in the presence of Bishop Steven J. Raica.

Every three years all friars of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word gather for the General Chapter. Before this holy gathering, the Community canon lawyer, Fr. Dominic prepares the administrative aspects for the assembly. Spiritually, the friars pray a nine day novena. A holy hour and rosary are also prayed a few hours prior to the meeting.

With the Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama present at the Chapter, the Community discusses possible changes or resolutions that require voting. This time there were no amendments. Friars immediately voted for a new Community Servant, Community Vicar and four council members.

Congratulations to the following Friars on their new offices:

Community Servant (Superior):
 Fr. Leonard
Community Vicar:
 Fr. Patrick
1st Councilor: Fr. Dominic
2nd Councilor:
 Fr. Mark
3rd Councilor:
 Fr. Anthony
4th Councilor: Br. John

Please pray for the Community as they begin this new era of its life and work. May the Lord guide and direct the new administration as they lead the Community in the service of God and His Church.


25 thoughts on “Friars Elect New Community Servant (Superior) and Administration

  1. Congratulations, may the Lord bless you and your endeavors. It is really good to see Father Anthony, I miss his homilys. I am so blessed to be able to watch you at daily mass on TV everyday.

  2. We entrust you to our blessed mother Mary as you discharge your duties for the glory of the almighty God and for the salvation of the whole world

  3. Prayers are going up for all of you and Congratulations! So good to see Father Anthony’s face!! God bless you all!

  4. You inspire me to want to move to Irondale and be in close proximity to such right spirituality in His Church.

  5. I am very glad that Father Anthony is still around. Thank God! Here’s more power and success to the New Administration in your work for the aggrandizement of the reign of Our Lord in this His wonderful world. May the MFVA increase for the greater honor and glory of God!.

  6. Dear friars,

    The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I am praying for all of you, from Fatima. May the Lord continue guiding you and protecting you. May the Blessed Mother continue interceding for you. May St Joseph, terror of demons, pray for you. May all the holy angels and saints, pray for you.


  7. A gift indeed Fr. Leonard Mary. You earned the privilege and honor to be trusted with such a tremendous responsibility of being elected Community Servant Superior!

  8. May all of your efforts be fruitful and may the Lord watch over you and bless you in your new endeavors

  9. May you all continue in God’s good health. Bless Fr Leonard for being a beacon to the audience as he has been for our family for the past 12 years… Thanks to Fr Joseph’s guidance.
    Great to see Fr. Leonard & Fr Mark in Homily more often

  10. Just now saw this post…So good to see Fr.Leonard and congratulations and Blessings to him and to all on their appts. Will we see Fr.Leonard anytime soon saying Mass? We have missed him as of late … 🙏❤

  11. So good to see Father Leonard this morning officiating the Mass and hearing his homily. Continue to recover!

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