One of the central ministries of the Friars is to celebrate Mass that is televised by EWTN. Fr. Patrick took some time to explain just why this ministry is so important and the graces that have come from it:

Who are you serving when you celebrate a televised Mass?

Fr. Patrick: The daily televised Mass in Irondale is mostly attended by locals, some of the EWTN employees, and pilgrims who come to visit. By televising our daily Mass, we are also able to serve those who are homebound and are not able to make it to their own parish for Mass.  

What is the aspect of this ministry that you like the most?

Fr. Patrick: Preaching the Gospel and the truths of our faith, helping others to encounter Christ, and encouraging them to to be continually nourished by a generous life of prayer and reception of the sacraments. It’s also a joy to proclaim the beauty of the liturgy and the rich tradition of our Catholic faith through a reverently celebrated Mass with inspiring sacred music and the use of Gregorian chant.

How does it tie into the fundamental charism of your community?

Fr. Patrick: Through the broadcast of the EWTN daily Mass, we are literally able to follow Christ’s call to proclaim the gospel throughout the world. We seek to encourage holiness and virtue in the lives of the faithful and also to reach out to those who have left the practice of their faith. (It’s encouraging to hear many stories of lapsed Catholics who were channel surfing and were inspired to return to the practice of their faith by something that caught their attention on EWTN. So often, it was a Mother Angelica program that first drew them in!)

How can people tune in to remotely participate in one of the Masses?

Fr. Patrick: They can tune in through TV, radio, online streaming through the EWTN website or they can stream it on their mobile device through the free EWTN app.  



11 thoughts on “The Fruits of the Televised Mass

  1. Thank you for the televised mass,through
    EWTN.Attending daily mass via TV is very
    Fruitful the daily gospel ,homilies which is very applicable to our present society ,Thank
    You Father Patrick for taking time out from your busy schedule to explained the importance of the televised mass . For today’s
    mass Sept 28 thank you Father Miguel for your homily ,the Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz.

  2. Thank you so much for Televising the daily Mass! It is such a wonderful way to start each day! From listening to the Homilies to celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,is all inspiring and sacred. Your community is in my prayers, Thanking God for such dedicated Friars bringing us closer to Him and the Blessed Trinity through His beloved Son, Jesus. Mother Angelica surely was obedient to God , and The Holy and Blessed Mother,Mary. Again thank you and keep you all in his care.

    1. I watch some of the Televised Mass as it is on our DISH tv several times daily! I cannot drive anymore. I do get a ride to Sunday Mass. Most of your Priests and servers are excellent. I need CAPTION and EWTN’s Mass is captioned. Wonderful!

  3. Now since couple of years I live with the Mass at 8 AM and at 12:00 midnight and every other special services you will present.

    I would like to express the feelings I have. To thank you enough but yes I thank you with all my heart to Mother Angelica who I miss her so much, Also thanks to all the Friars for the services that they give us every day. God bless you all – Gracias muchas gracias!

  4. My husband and I are fruits of EWTN, we visited EWTN and the Monastery in Hanceville in 2011 and 2013, we love Mother Angelica, every day we follow the televised Mass in our country Honduras and we feel like we are there in that beautiful and paceful place, thanks EWTN and the Friars too for giving us grow in the faith

  5. I love attending your daily mass from the hymns homilies and prayers. All the priests are so devoted. It’s nice to hear the older hymns I no longer hear along with the Latin sprinkled throughout the prayer of mass. Mother Angelica programs are still relevant today and watch them often. I enjoy the retreats you have for Advent and Lent, & many of the special programs. I wish you would advertise them more and run them on a more regular time schedule so I could record them . Many times I will miss out on them do to schedule changes.
    You do fantastic work. You all will be at Gods side for all the souls you have saved.

  6. EWTN televised Holy Mass is an excellent option for many people that for one reason or another can’t go to a church for daily Mass. EWTN has been a blessing for me and my family on many ways, for all the great teachings, and overall programming. Thank you so much and may God bless you all!

  7. I am home bound most of the time. I try to watch Mass daily on EWTN . Thank you and Our Dear Lord for coming to me via TV. I miss being part of the congration at Mass but I’m thankful to pray along with the tv Mass. Thank you and all Franciscan Friers. God Bless you always!

  8. Asking about the lady named fern who usually attends mass daily with her husband on the first pew.

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