Today we celebrate the feast of the archangels: Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. This feast day takes on special significance to our community because these three angels are also the patrons of communication professionals!

While today we have television, radio and the internet to communicate the Gospel, the angels communicated the power and love of God through their presence on earth. Think of Raphael in the Book of Tobit, leading Tobias to his soon-to-be-wife Sarah. Or, even more famously, Gabriel coming to Mary during the Annunciation and to the shepherds to announce Christ’s birth.

Through our ministry on television and through other mediums, we too have this mission from God to share His Gospel with the world. In a particular way, we ask the angels not only for their intercession, but for their guiding presence as we seek to be instruments of God’s love to others.

Of course, each one of us, whether or not you are involved in communications work, can ask for the intercession of the archangels. Consider praying to them when you log in to social media or write an email–asking that you might always be a witness to Christ through the way in which you speak and communicate with others. Please offer a prayer today for us today especially, that we might continue to communicate the faith to all those we encounter.

Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – pray for us!


2 thoughts on “Patron Saints of Communications

  1. please let us communicate to night- i am heartfully sorry for all offenses – I would like to help but understand she sdoesnt want help – i will be ears alone until she does

  2. It is the birthday of my maternal grandfather, their feast day. Power of their protection against the evil of psychotic forces. Psychology gone wrong. Freud wrongly taken or not able to solve psychological problems. Wrong psychology enters spirituality and it becomes evil.

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