The month of June is the time when the Church asks us to think about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The human heart can be compared to love. God became man so He could show us how much He loves us. “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13) Jesus showed us how much He loved us by dying on the cross. His heart was persecuted for love of us.

I have been thinking about how much Jesus loves me. I had a two-year-old nephew named Isaac. People from all over the world were praying for him. When he was nine months old he caught RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). On the way to the hospital he died in his mother’s arms. About thirteen minutes after he died the doctors were able to bring him back to life. Isaac stayed in the hospital for an entire month. Mary, his mother and my sister-in-law, accompanied him in the hospital the entire time. He suffered significant brain damage.

Isaac was a very good-looking baby. He had a face that made you want to kiss him. Isaac loved to be held. I held Isaac so much that his mother called me his second mother. Of course I do have a Franciscan habit that looks like a dress!

When I held Isaac for hours at a time I would think about Jesus and Mary holding me. It all comes down to allowing God to love us. Most of the time we think we have to do good things so that God will love us. God wants to hold each one of us and love us. We need to let him just as Isaac was totally content in my arms. I learned so much by watching Isaac.

Greg, my brother and Isaac’s father, told me that Isaac wanted to sleep with his head on Greg’s heart. It looked uncomfortable but that was where he was content. Greg came to understand why Isaac loved this position. Isaac was listening to the heartbeat of his father. When we know we are loved we are at peace. If we want peace in our lives we should keep our head close to the heart of Jesus and Mary.

It all comes down to allowing God to love us. Most of the time we think we have to do good things so that God will love us. God wants to hold each one of us and love us.

Isaac was born on Good Friday. His mother and father thought God would do something great with little Isaac and God did. Because of EWTN and all the forms of media, God touched a large number of people with the adorable face of Isaac.

Greg and Mary want to thank everyone who has sent prayers and donations. Because God has used Isaac in two short years to touch so many people it is not possible for them to write back to everyone. EWTN reaches the whole world and they have secretaries to help them respond to all the mail. The donations are helping to pay all the doctor bills. My family thanks you from the bottom of their hearts.

Greg told me that having an extra fourteen months with Isaac was worth all the money in the world. The second time Isaac died, he died content and with a little smile on his face. This helped the family deal with his death.

Mother Angelica said many times that one soul saved is worth all the money it takes to run EWTN. As a baptized infant, Isaac went straight to heaven. Isaac and all the saints are trying to help everyone else get to heaven. This is what we are created for, to know, love, and serve God and to help others to do the same. Isaac did his part, now let us do our part.

– Br. Leo Mary, MFVA


13 thoughts on “How Little Baby Isaac Touched My Heart

  1. Such a beautiful sharing by Bro Leo … & Isaac! What a blessing you and your family were able to share … his unique contribution just by being and how he affected his world and your interpretation of how he did it … thank you!

  2. When I heard at Mass on EWTN about your nephew, felt the sorrow snd love god s baby. For I lost s son st 3 months old from SIDS 49 yrs ago. My heart went out to you Br. Leo snd your Family. I prayed every day for you your and snd your nephew! And yes he is in Heaven just like my son Sidney. MSU Hod be with you all,Amen !!

  3. Brother Leo…so sorry for the loss of baby Isaac. I was one who prayed for him and your family. He was gorgeous!! That face those blue eyes….WOW. Much love and continued prayers for you and your family.

  4. So inspiring and consoling what a wonder gift Baby Issac was to the world
    May God bless his family and may his life bring many souls back to God

  5. How beautiful is this story! God’s Blessings to all of Isaac’s family in dealing with his loss. Their loss is Heaven’s gain.💙

  6. He so touched my heart. I followed his story on Facebook. His eyes were so beautiful. His soul forever.

  7. Brother Leo that is beautiful. Baby Isaac did touch many hearts and an outpouring of love. What a blessing Baby Isaac is to the world.

  8. Words well spoken Brother Leo. God Bless you, your family of Franciscans and Baby Isac’s family.

  9. A beautiful tribute – I am overwhelmed by the faith of Isaac ‘s family ad pray that I too will have that faith. He was the sweetest little angel on earth and now in heaven with Jesus. God bless you all!

  10. Thank you for sharing Isaac’s story. Condolences to Isaac’s family,including yourself, his uncle. I am sorry for the heartache you all must be suffering. Isaac was a very special little boy, and he definitely knew that he was loved. Peace is with him now, no beeping hospital machines, and constant hospital noises. Just the sounds of Angel’s softly singing praise to the heart of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

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