Natus in Via
Born on the Way 

Sept. 18, 2020

San Damiano


San Damiano is the Church of new beginnings. In a place that had become dilapidated, Our Lord asked, from the Cross, for Francis to rebuild, to renew the Church. And so, Francis began to put stone upon stone, and in the midst of his work prophesied that a community of religious women would live in this place. In time, maybe five years later, there was Clare and her blood sister. Here, Clare would defend her Sisters and Assisi by her fervent prayer before Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist, and witness the Sacred Stigmata of Francis after his death. After her death, the Community would move into the city. Now, the Capuchin Friars have possession of San Damiano. Come on the way to San Damiano would be so humble, greatly small and hidden. Here we can absolutely trust that, should we love and remain in His Love, we will come to the fullness of Joy (cf. Ps 16).


Fr. Paschal Mary, MFVA



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