The most recognizable ministry of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word is our work on EWTN. We are passionate about communicating the faith through media. Over the years our Friars have appeared as hosts for several shows.  


The first show hosted by a Friar was Br. Leo Mary’s show “Hey Brother Leo.” His show began in 1997 and ran through 2004. It was included as a part of EWTN’s Faith Factory. The Faith Factory continues today and provides a variety of programming that helps to explain many aspects of the faith in a way that children can easily understand and will enjoy.  


Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, our EWTN Chaplain, Chapel Dean, and Postulant Director, currently hosts “The Church Universal.”  The purpose of this series is to help promote and share the good works of various Catholic lay ministries that are committed to the New Evangelization. Now in the sixth season, “The Church Universal” has featured a different apostolate in each episode. The show airs Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Visit the website to find out more about the past guests and their ministries.


At the conclusion of each episode of “At Home With Jim and Joy” you will gain insight and wisdom from one of our Friars. The show is hosted by Jim and Joy Pinto and discusses marriage and family issues. One of our Friars gives a brief reflection on every topic discussed. “At Home With Jim and Joy” airs on Mondays and Thursdays.


An EWTN classic, “Life on the Rock,” which featured Fr. Mark Mary as he discussed the joys and struggles of being a young Christian in today’s world with various guests, no longer airs weekly on EWTN, but can still be viewed on our YouTube channel.


Of course, you can always watch and listen to many of our Friars during the daily Mass that is broadcast on EWTN. Our “famous” Friars are living out our mission to evangelize the world through the use of media. Join us in praying for their ministry and for all those who tune in to watch their inspiring shows!

29 thoughts on “Do You Recognize These “Famous” Friars?

    1. From certain details that I have observed the gray-haired server and lector is not a Fransciscan. He does not wear a habit under his chasuble and cassock and wears a gold wedding band .

    1. Who is the grey haired gentleman that reads and serves Mass almost daily. Wears wedding band

    2. I have been trying to learn this too as he is not around much suddenly and wonder if we should be praying for him. I miss him. I believe his wife and daughter are at mass on Sundays

  1. Who is the gray haired man who serves as an alter server and reads the epistles about every day

    1. I call him the Head Altar Boy, respectfully, of course! I don’t think he is a Franciscan, since there is on hood attached, Also, I think one of the friars referred to him as Tom one day. I love everyone associated with the Mass, even in the congregation: the Mother of the “Twins” who may not really be twins. The young man who usually sits in the first row on the Gospel side. The Lady in White who seems to be wearing a chasuble, as a Third Order Member. The young couple who bring up their infant to be Blessed as they receive Our Lord. The Lady from the second row Gospel side who always when she receives! The catechumens who fold their arms but come up for a blessing. I know this sounds as is I don’t pay attention during Mass, Well, I really do on Sundays! But sometimes I do get distracted! Sorry! I apologize to GOD all the time!

  2. Is there any way I can obtained an autographed picture of Father Joseph Wolf. My 90 year old mother watches him on EWTN and feels a special connection to him. I know this would help her in her daily struggles to get through the day. Thank u.

      1. Thank you for the thoughtful concern you have expressed for Father Anthony Mary. Father has a chronic, non life threatening health condition that results in major bouts of fatigue forcing him to cut back on his normal schedule. Although he is largely unable to assist at our early morning, televised Mass he remains quite active midday, regularly offering Noon Mass for the EWTN employees, and hearing confessions. Father misses being with our EWTN family at the broadcast Mass but is grateful for your care and for your prayers. He sends his love to all of you.

  3. Sadly we have now been informed that father Anthony is suffering from a debilitating, physical, condition, and as a result we now know why he no longer celebrates the early morning Mass from EWTN. We shall pray for his recovery and his return to active participation at EWTN. We must admit that we miss him ,and his warm homilies. Please keep us, who participate in the morning Mass, of his progress and to full recovery.
    May GOD keep him in his grace.

    Ralph piscitelli

  4. Could the Friars please pray for my wife Rosemarie who has pulmonary disease. We are faithful watchers of EWTN and see Father Joseph when he celebrates Holy Mass. Thank You all and God Bless You all

  5. I would like to know who the older server (white headed) that reads the epistle often? Please pray for an end to abortion. Thank you and may God bless all of you!

  6. fr joeseph wolfe I do the rosary every day some times three times.when i look at the montro the angle on the right is off center not like the one on the left.The monstro some times is off center.It would look so much better if they were lined up
    thank you

  7. I actually emailed EWTN just to compliment him on his devotion and ministry and to ask his name.
    They responded that their privacy policy prevents
    them from identifying lay ministers, singers in the choir or members of the congregation (ex. little lady in white chapel veil).
    I agree. He is great.

  8. You are truly a blessing during this COVID epidemic. It’s wonderful to turn on the TV everyday and have prayers, Mass, the rosary and outstanding programming. I really like Fr. Joseph Mary. He tells such interesting stories. God bless you for all you do.

  9. After reading all of the above, I still haven’t read an answer to who the gray haired alter server is. He always looks so mad and annoyed for the others being there. Is he a Brother, Deacon, or lay person?

  10. Thank you to EWTN and all the Friars and choir! My husband and I watch mass daily and we love hearing all the homilies given by the Friars. We pray the St. Michael’s chaplet, Rosary, and Divine Mercy chaplet daily. It has given us so much faith inspiration. We hope to travel to Irondale in the next year. God bless everyone that makes EWTN possible.

  11. What has happened to Server Jim. His wife and daughter come to Sunday Mass but he no longer serves. Sure do miss him. Thank you.

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