Almost everyone knows of Pope John Paul II (now a saint!), but did you know that the Church officially celebrates his feast day on October 22?


Fr. Joseph and St. John Paul the Great

For many of our friars, St. John Paul was the Pope for a major part of their lifetimes. He was, after all, Pope for over 25 years, 1978 until his death in 2005. Along with being partially responsible for the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, St. John Paul was also known for his desire to spread the Gospel throughout the world. He traveled the world, and the world paid attention. Whether he was in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, Australia, Africa, or his beloved homeland of Poland, he echoed the words with which he began his pontificate, “be not afraid” – do not be afraid to be holy, to be saints.

EWTN was founded soon after his pontificate began and the network not only covered much of his pontificate, it also followed his call to “cast out into the deep” and evangelize. He was, as well, an inspiration for our community. Fr. John Paul even took his religious name after him! Fr. Joseph had the opportunity to meet the great pope personally and a few of the friars were able to attend his canonization.

Noting St. John Paul’s love of youth, of married couples, and of all people called to follow Christ across the world, we ask for his intercession. Saint John Paul II, pray for us!


Fr. Joseph (far left) con-celebrates a private Mass with St. JPII in the Papal Chapel.


Several of the Friars attended the canonization of St. John Paul the Great in Rome.

Several of the Friars attended the canonization of St. John Paul the Great in Rome.

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  1. This world needs another Pope St. John Paul the Great. As he lived his Pontificate he was not afraid to speak the truth and tell it like it is. He didn’t water nothing down just to please the world. He told Bill Clinton to end abortion and George Bush not to go to war. Looking at him one could see he was love and he didn’t try to please the world to be loved. Look at the promo of Life on the Rock when he held the chin of the young woman who was crying just to be in his presence. I have no doubt if he was here today he would not just say who am I to judge without saying go and sin no more.

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