As we discussed in another recent blog post, one of the spiritual pillars of our community is devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. The other is reliance on the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What, you might ask, does a relationship with Mary, with our specific charism? We are devoted to Mary because she is, of course, the mother of the Eternal Word–Jesus. In the words of Mother Angelica:

“Our Blessed Lady, Mother of the Eternal Word, is the surest and safest means to Jesus. She is the cause of our salvation.”

She brought Christ–and His saving Word–into the world and, therefore, we can rely on her to assist and protect us as we too strive to share the Gospel through our ministries and apostolates. You’ll notice that each of us has taken the name of Mary as part of our religious names (e.g. Fr. Leonard Mary). We also consecrate ourselves to Mary each year, according to the Consecration to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort.

Mother Angelica particularly gave to us Mary, Help of all Christians, as a mediator:

“I ask that Mary, Help of Christians, ever be your guide as you strive to bring the stray sheep back home and encourage the faithful ones ever onward to the heights of holiness.”

As we go about our day: in our prayer, our outreach and our ministries, we ask Our Lady to guide as so that we might be more effective instrument of God’s grace in the world.

13 thoughts on “Why Mary?

  1. I did wonder why EWTN priests had the name Mary, and your explanation makes perfect sense. In fact, I wish I had been given the name Mary.

  2. My friend and I wondered “Why Mary.” You have explained it perfectly. I have always enjoyed Mother Angelica, EWTN, and now in these trying times enjoying Mass with the priests each Sunday and reciting the rosary. God bless and thank you for all you do.

  3. I always wondered if all the priests were related since they all have the last name Mary. But now I understand. Thank you for the mass and Rosary every morning! I truly enjoy it!

  4. There is a young man that gives the reading sometimes and has a hood on his robe and a cabletow around his waist is he a priest?

  5. Thank you your explanation! My father named me Mary as my entry into this world was difficult after suffering a stroke in utero. I thank my father every day for my name

  6. I have wondered why Father Miguel Marie doesn’t have the last name of Mary
    What does the name Marie mean and is it named after someone

  7. I now understand why Mary meant.
    When I was baptized and also my other sisters was placed Maria in front of our first name. Maria stand for Mary.

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