As you know, one of the mainstays of our life here at the Friary is prayer–particularly prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Prayer is an essential part of the life of any religious community. We pray, of course, not only for ourselves or those near to us, but also for the many people we serve in our ministries.

We are humbled by the privilege of being able to lift up the intentions of others to God. If you are reading this, we are already praying for you in a general way. However, we also invite you to submit specific intentions that we will bring in front of the Blessed Sacrament at the EWTN Chapel here.

Of course, the call to pray for others is not exclusive to friars, but extends to all Christians. It is through praying for one another that we see that the Body of Christ–of which we are all a part–is a very real, living, communion of persons. Please join with us in prayer, by praying for your loved ones, your neighbors, your community and especially those who may have no one to pray for them.

The Lord created us to give of ourselves to one another, both in our vocations and through time spent in prayer.

67 thoughts on “We want to pray for your intentions!

  1. I ask for your prayers so that depression will stop affecting my new life as a mother of a 18 month baby girl.

  2. Pray for my health as I have joint problems especially knees and recently heard that I have to move to a new apartment which is difficult as the rents are very high in NY. Need to find somewhere to live, I am a Senior Citizen

  3. A simple prayer request for a safe and healthy life as I go through retirement. Thank you and God bless you all.

  4. Please pray for my brother Robert and his wife Kristen that they may turn from their pagan ways into the loving arms is Jesus and Mary Holy Mantle thought they may raise their two baby boys the Catholic faith and give all our family strength to do so. That my parents may be softened their hearts towards me and my fiance. That my injuries in a recent car accident may heal and the people who crashed into me may have the option to grow closer to Jesus. Top people in my church choir they grow and piety and love. I may have safe travels during my job. And my fiance and I may meet peacefully with support of our family and faith in our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. I could use a prayer for my joints and bones are causing me awful pain. Can’t walk right anymore because of the stiffness and the joints and bones rubbing. It has got so bad that I can only sleep on my back because I can’t put any pressure on my legs or hips.

  6. Please pray that my mother will be saved from her present financial problems. This might be impossible but I know God will make a way.

  7. Please pray for my husband and I. We are having difficulties communicating to each other. We have been married for 13 months and have had lots of changes which have been very taxing on my physically and emotionally. I am crying a lot and missing my family back home. We want to have children and are older. I am in anew starnge and busy city which is tough to be comfortable in and my husband is not understanding. I know I can do better. I am trying hard to fight being depressed, low with lack of joy. I am praying and together we are praying the rosary. Trying to get a routine nightly but sometimes doesn’t happen. Please pray for us and know I will be praying for your intentions. God Bless You, Leanne

  8. Please pray that the Lord will help me overcome what I am going through . I can do nothing without the Lord who is my strenghth.

  9. Pray for the conversion of my young brother Joseph he used to be a committed Christian and dedicated alter boy. He is suffering from alcoholism’s effects of hallucinations and never wants to go church any more and rarely reports for work. This has been so stressful, please pray for his healing and family stress.

  10. O Lord, Bless my family, and all the families around the world. I ask you to please console all the sick and please help my cousin Jose Trinidad Rosales recover from his brain injury and give him the courage and strength to keep going on with your will. Bless all of our children dear lord.

  11. That my children will find their Catholic spouse to share their lives with
    For stability in our finances.
    That my mom will enjoy her remaining years and have a peaceful death.
    For my son and his daughter to have a good relationship
    Thank you

  12. Please a praying for the conversion of my children and grandchildren, also for myself to do the will of our Lord. Thank you very much .

  13. I ask you to pray for my daughter in law, so that her heart will be softened, and our family will be safe from her. May God protect us, and God bless all the priests and nuns of EWTN.

  14. I said a prayer for you as I have suffered depression myself. Please know that this too shall pass. I know many young girls that suffered depression after the birth of their babies and they are fine now. God bless you and your family! You can Email me if you want to correspond.

  15. I ask God to heal me completely in my knees and back, and neck, heal me from all artritist Thank you God and I ask in Jesus name! Amen

  16. Dear Fathers, Am a recent widow (Dec. 2 2014). Need to find work and then an apt. to live in. It has been almost 2 years and I still have not found work. Please pray for my! Sincerely, (Mrs) Mary Monahan

  17. I ask for prayers for my son and me so that: we recover our hair, cure the skin, ears, sight, That we can confront all kind of people and stop people when necessary, be able to have a conversation with anyone, that my son converts and finds a good and catholic wife. I ask also for the family, peace in the world. Thanks

  18. Pls pray that my decision to retire early, at the age of almost 50 years, so I could focus on my spiritual life and my family, is according to God’s will, thank you

  19. Please I would like you all pray for my country Venezuela. At this very moment we have many issues mostly because we don’t have medicines ..the food is coming from Brazil and its so expensive. The country has became dangerous..there are days in which I feel hopeless and weak without strength to keep praying..Venezuelan people are sufferering so much.thanks Ind advance for my request.

  20. Please pray for the guidance I need to handle my fathers estate and the intervention of the right people to asstist me on the journey that has turned into a very hot mess. I have been carrying this load for many months now on my own and I am worn and tired. I need help to get it to the finish line so that everything is done correctly. May God either work a miracle in my attorney who is nonavialable by not answering phone calls or replying to emails or please provide me the direction of a new attorney. I would like to be able to finally be able to stop moving through the legal and paperwork and finally just grieve the loss of my father. Thank you for your kindness.

  21. I ask for your prayer so that I will join my two daughters in the northeast when I retire in time, and also to have my own place up there all paid for. Please pray for my girls for peace and love in their hearts, and that they’ll be closer to God with much faith in their soul.

  22. Dear Fathers and Brothers, please pray for my friend K who is unselfishly donating her kidney to her friend A. They are undergoing surgery at The Cleveland Clinic today. Pray for their team of doctors, nurses, support staff and for their recovery. As always, I pray for all of you daily. J.

  23. Please pray that I may find my part in life, to not be confused, to not lost. For God to show me what he want’s for in my life.

  24. Thank you so very much for your prayers for my Mom Sylvia in the past which have helped. Please pray that her lungs clear and she is able to breathe properly again and that all of her respiratory issues are fully healed and that she is healed in time for her endoscopy this Friday. Please pray that all goes well with the endoscopy and that they find the cause and heal her completely as well as healing her ulcer completely. Please pray that her infection gets totally healed and her white blood cell count goes back to normal. Please pray for complete and total healing for Mom and that she is able to live a very long, healthy and happy life. We are so blessed to have her on earth. Thank you again and God bless.

  25. If possible, could i ask for Prayers of ending a legal situation with our pet. That we may find help financially & support legally to not lose our bank account entirely. I have petitioned St. Francis, St. Vitus & St. Anthony for help. I thank & BLess all of you for your help.

  26. Please for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ remember me Mufide Mary R. and my family living and deceased members for God’s will in our lifes. God Blesss you.

  27. Prayers needed for my brother Robert, who will have a
    heart catheter procedure on July 10, and for cousin
    Craig who is still fighting cancer that has spread over his whole body.
    Also, continued healing of my neck and dizziness – was diagnosed last year with cervical dystonia.
    Thank you so much for your prayers!

  28. Please can you pray for my Husband Allan who has Pancreatic Cancer and is suffering through his treatment.
    Thank you for your prayers and for caring.

  29. Could you please pray for me because I am in a difficult situation. I lost my job, I suffered mobbing and I was fired from my job, here in my country. Now I need to find a new job where I can be esteemed, respected and valued and where I can have health insurance.

  30. Please pray for my youngest son who has COVID and is now out of work, Also remember my oldest son who has two young children, is expecting a third, and has financial difficulties due to the shut down. Please know that you are in my daily prayers.

  31. Dear Fathers, 8 months no work, and nothing on the horizon. No income whatsoever. Now everyone else is going back to work after COVID, and I am still jobless. The Lord knows what he is doing and I get messages of assurance. This is not my first experience of joblessness and I am sick of the humiliation, shame and lack of dignity. I am very afraid of what is coming up, and I feel guilty as the feedback I get from my prayers and retreats is about regeneration, hope, healing, better things to come. I am really beaten down and I actually think I am becoming unemployable. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  32. Please pray for my granddaught who pregnant and very sick and has a history of miscarrage that she and her baby will glorify the Lord.

  33. Please pray for our safety against the COVID 19. Also, please pray that my anxiety and depression be gone. Thank you.

  34. For Kymberly Wilson and Cory Wilson’s marriage.
    She has feelings for another man. She has 2 young children of her marriage.
    My prayer is God takes away those feelings she has towards the other man. And stays in her marriage.

  35. Please pray for my husband with stage 4 lung cancer and for my anxiety and panic disorder. Thank you and God Bkess!!!

  36. Please pray for my grandmother Eulalia who is sick from COVID-19 and currently hospitalized. She lives in a different country and I have not seen her in several years. It is difficult when you are far away from your family members.

  37. I humbly pray for the sick, the poor and the rich who are suffering Jesus Christ our Lord and savior have compassion of all of us forgive us the sinners and guide us into the right path. I pray for those who have no one to pray for. Any lost soul Jesus Christ have mercy on us. I a sinner faithfully pray for others to find love and peace and always have your presence now and for ever. I pray for the incarcerated, the people suffering, the people that dont feel your presence and are lost in life please Jesus Christ touch their heart. I remain faithful and know you will hear our prayers because we are here in this world to serve you our lord. In Jesus Christ I trust. Amen

  38. With all my heart I am asking for prayer for my beloved’s return, that she will give me one last chance for a change

  39. Good morning dear Brothers, can you please keep my son (Luis) and his wife (Nati) in your prayers. They are going through a difficult time marriage wise with two small kids. Please ask the Lord who is Love and Mercy itself to heal them both and save their marriage.

  40. My friend’s husband is hitting her. Please help them with your prayers. Or with good thoughts and energy. She does not know where to go away from him with kids. I don’t know what to do. Her mental state is so desperate I can’t imagine that. Her kids want their father but they are just kids. And other complications. Please Angel of Miracles 🥹

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