Here in our community, our life and apostolates strive for a balance that provides ample time for prayer and fraternity, but also for outreach and ministries. As you know, most of us have daily responsibilities connected to EWTN–whether that be producing shows, celebrating Mass (televised) or giving tours around EWTN here in Birmingham.

We also have a host of other events going on, depending on the month. For example, before the end of October, some of the friars will be:

  • Hearing confessions and celebrating Mass at nearby parishes
  • Running an Awakening retreat here in the Diocese of Birmingham
  • Attending a local Catholic high school football game as an opportunity to minister and strengthen relationships with youth
  • Taping a show for EWTN
  • Attending a conference on audio and video to continually improve our media outreach

Of course, we’ll also be here, fully living out the liturgical year, looking forward to the newly-minted feastday of St. John Paul the Great as well as All Souls and All Saints days. We are blessed that our lives here are very full–we have the opportunity to serve the Lord in a variety of ways, both within the community and to others in the community.

3 thoughts on “What’s around the bend

  1. Thank you for service to God and all persons in Birmingham and around the globe! It is such a blessing to view the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily with such wonderfully dedicated Friars and brothers. Again, thank you all for bringing the good Word ,Jesus into our home each day! God continue to shine his Graces on all of you at EWTN!

  2. Thank you for your presence every morning in the Daily Mass…I appreciate being able to pray with you because of my being restrained to the house….May God continue His beautiful work in you all…The ones that are absent, you are miss….God bless……+++ <3

  3. I wish we has Holy man like all of you near by. May God bless your ministry and your net work continue to give fruits by the intercession of Mother Angelica. Sending a special thanks to father Joseph Marie, may God bless him.

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