Fr. Joseph Mary gives us 3 ways in which we as faithful Catholics can respond to the recent scandals in the Church:

  1. Don’t stick with the status quo.
    (Bishop Robert C. Morlino’s letter to the faithful regarding the ongoing sexual abuse crisis in the Church)
  2. Don’t commit spiritual suicide.
    (Statement by Bishop Robert J. Baker Regarding Recent Sex Scandal to the Clergy and Lay Faithful of the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama)
  3. Live the Way of the Saints!


7 thoughts on “3 Ways We Can Respond to the Recent Scandals in the Church

  1. Father Joseph delivered a very powerful and profound homily on 8-21-18. I wrote these steps down and have shared with friends on social media. God bless you all.

  2. Dear Fathers / Brothers of the Renewal,

    EWTN has been a great blessing to me, but I am now greatly worried about EWTN’s role in the call for Pope Francis to resign.
    Firstly, I’m 100% Conservative in Doctrine and think Pope got it wrong, informally, on things – needs to be clear, for example, ALL sex outside marriage is wrong – sin. And a lot to be cleared up about former Cardinal McCarrick (but now transpires Vatican new about him as far back as 2000). And questions need to be asked about his efforts in reforming the Vatican.
    HOWEVER, he is still our Holy Father. And I think AB Vigano’s letter via EWTN’s NC Register, is contributing towards the spirit of Disobedience / Scandal / Schism and Doom / Gloom. Not forgetting Pope Francis has nightmare problems to deal with from the secular world attacking, directly and indirectly, the Church, and how Pope Francis wants to bring the Church to non-believers and others.
    How many Popes have rolled up their sleeves like Pope Francis, really trying to meet people in their sin and to get them out of it. Really meeting people in their dysfunction and poverty – physical and spiritual. And wanting to show them God’s mercy (yes, he’s got it wrong on occasions, but no Pope is perfect, and there is a good and bad way of challenging people, including the Pope). He is, after all, TRYING to take a leaf out of the approach of St Francis and of course Our Lord. Massive job.
    I think we owe him more loyalty, empathy, mercy and encouragement. That does NOT mean he gets off being challenged though. However, we need to follow the right way of doing this.
    St Catherine of Sienna is perhaps the best example in the Church about how to challenge Church authorities but in the right way (as opposed to the embittered way Martin Luther did).
    Anyway, I could go on. Yes, I’m greatly alarmed by heresy, liberalism, cover-ups. But also from scandal, schism, doom and gloom. Thanks for listening.
    God Bless,
    Ed Mahony (UK – a Conservative in Doctrine, but Progressive in things outside doctrine where The Holy Spirit is revealing new things to us about God through man’s development in culture, philosophy, technology and so on).

  3. Lastly, just like to re-iterate, I don’t think Catholics pressurising the Pope to resign is following the saints. The spirit of the great saint Catherine of Sienna is exactly what we should be following right now in challenging the Church authorities. To be bold, in Christian sense, but ALWAYS with humility as shown through loyalty to the Holy Father, and never wanting to cause scandal / schism / doom and gloom (which the enemy preys upon). Martin Luther had some very legitimate arguments about corruption in the Church. But his anger spilled into bitterness, leading him to cause scandal / schism / heresy / doom and gloom.

    So we need to be wary of schism (and spirit of) as much as heresy. We must challenge the Church authorities – hard, for truth and justice and clean out corruption. But in the spirit of St Catherine of Sienna. And remember, that the Pope doesn’t just have MASSIVE problems to face from within the Church but from outside as well. And so we don’t just owe him loyalty, as Pope, but also empathy, mercy and generosity of spirit, as a human being.

    God bless the Pope Francis, EWTN and the Catholic Church.

  4. The time has come that the church (all of us) should prey harder. However, these abusers should not be rewarded by transfering them somewhere else. They must go to jail and not be permitted to officiate mass again!

  5. Apologies for going over-the-top in my comments.
    I want to see the Church as unified as possible. And to keep it away from scandal / confusion / gloom. As well as of course from away from heresy, corruption, clericalism and above all sex abuse and cover-ups.
    We have to challenge but in the spirit of the great saints such as Theresa of Avila, Catherine of Sienna and Francis of Assisi. All of whom would have been angry, I’m pretty certain, by Catholics calling for the Pope to resign. And instead would have used the power of prayer and fasting and persuasion and example to change hearts and minds in the Church.

  6. Here’s another anti-Pope-Francis-obsessed article on NC Register: 10 Ways the Mafia Isn’t Like the Abortion Industry

    At end of day, Pope Francis was just making general point, that abortion is evil like some of the activity of the Mafia – both involving mortal sin.

    Maybe not the greatest statement any Pope has ever made, but it’s not that bad either.

    NC Register need to be challenged. They have a big influence on Catholics. But they’re acting more and more like some medieval, fanatical, Catholic cult group (and makes me feel as uncomfortable as the Liberal Catholics, who think homosexual sex and contraception are just fine, who deny the existence of Hell, and heresies like that).

    (That’s at least three really negative articles I find on NC Register right now).

    (I used to think we had big problems with Catholicism here in the UK and Europe that quite often verges on the extreme the liberal wing, as well as to a degree, although less, on the extreme Conservative wing, but I now think the same can be said about Catholicism in the USA, except that where Catholicism in the USA tends to be more Conservative, it’s more Liberal in Europe, perhaps, when instead of being Conservative or Liberal, it should be Moderate, like the Catholicism of the great saints (Moderate in faith, but Zealous in Love for God and neighbour).

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