Our prayers are with all students and families during this busy “back-to-school” season. There are currently two friars that are enrolled in classes and in need of your prayers for another successful school year.

Fr. Patrick, our chaplain for the EWTN News studio in Washington, DC, is currently working on a licentiate degree in the New Evangelization from Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. Though most of the program is distance learning, each summer Fr. Patrick spends a month studying at the Seminary. Fr. Patrick’s program promises to provide many innovative ideas that will help him continue to reach others with the love of Christ through his evangelization efforts.

Brother Matthew is in his final year of studies at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. He was recently ordained a deacon, and by June he will be ordained a priest. This is an exciting time in Br. Matthew’s life as he approaches the day when he will fully give his life in service to the Lord.

The start of every school year often means new routines, activities, and responsibilities, but remember to keep Christ as your foundation. Start and end each day in prayer and God will provide all the peace and strength you need.

Prayer for Students from St. Thomas Aquinas:

Ineffable Creator, Who out of the treasures of Thy wisdom has appointed three hierarchies of Angels and set them in admirable order high above the heavens and hast disposed the divers portions of the universe in such marvellous array, Thou Who art called the True Source of Light and supereminent Principle of Wisdom, be pleased to cast a beam of Thy radiance upon the darkness of my mind and dispel from me the double darkness of sin and ignorance in which I have been born. Thou Who makest eloquent the tongues of little children, fashion my words and pour upon my lips the grace of Thy benediction. Grant me penetration to understand, capacity to retain, method and facility in study, subtlety in interpretation and abundant grace of expression.

Order the beginning, direct the progress and perfect the achievement of my work, Thou Who art true God and true Man and livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

2 thoughts on “What Back-to-School Looks Like For Our Community

  1. I pray for all of the missionaries, nuns and all associated with EWTN each day> It’s my joy to listen and view ewtn whenever I can. As a former religious, but one under private vows, now handicapped, I continue to assist others as much as I can. Pray for my sister and other relatives and people of the U> S> Virgin Islands where I grew up and all of the other islands which all sustained immense damage. My sister and everyone have no electricity, no water, or
    gas, to cook with and struggling. God spared their lives even as they experienced 185 mph winds with gusts to 120 mph. God was and is always looking out for His people, good and bad alike.

    Is Brother John Therese going on for study at the Seminary for the priesthood. Do you have any candidates or interested young men? Every day I pray for vocations. In New Jersey we have so very few Americans, they are
    all from Poland and Central and South America. America needs prayers and conversion of hearts.

    You are all an exceptional witness to all of us vieweers. God bless you all in your lives lived for Him in loving self surrender.
    Peace and God bless
    Joyce Magras

  2. Quick comments and blessings – Please tell Father Mark we love his actual hometown of Owens Crossroads, Ala. (before he grew up in Huntsville), and pray for the good folks of Northwest Alabama, which has been affected by the shortage of priests in the Diocese of Birmingham. Also, we need special prayers for Vanderbilt football from fellow Vandy alumnus Father Mitch Pasqua (especially for the fading Commodores defense) – Blessings for all you do, and early Blessed Thanksgiving…Bo Carter, Carrollton, Texas

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