Saint Francis of Assisi is renowned to this day for embracing a simple life-style in the service of the Lord. But it seems that even the original friar himself, despite giving up the things of the world, still had a bit of a sweet-tooth.

Blessed Jacoba of Settesoli (1190-1273) was a Roman noblewoman and an early follower of St. Francis of Assisi, whom he met when he came to Rome to seek permission for his order from the Pope. While staying in Rome, Blessed Jacoba would bake almond cookies for Saint Francis when he visited her home.

Years later, as Saint Francis lay dying, he sent for Blessed Jacoba and asked that she bring some of her almond cookies with her. To this day, many Franciscan communities still bake these cookies for feast days in memory of Saint Francis.

In this video, Fr. Paschal Mary of the Franciscan Friars of the Eternal Word goes into the Friary kitchen to share with you how to make Saint Francis’s favorite almond cookies.


3 thoughts on “The Same Cookies That Saint Francis Of Assisi Ate

  1. Can you substitute almond flour for the regular flour, to make these gluten free? If so, how much almond flour would one use?

  2. This is the second time that I have made these cookies. My parish loves them on the Feast of St. Francis — I love tasting to the story of Brother Francis and “Brother” Jacoba. Thank you for sharing the recipe and taking the time to make this video. -Maddalena Smith

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