Summer is a time of transition for many (graduations, weddings, etc.) and religious communities are no exception! This coming summer, we are looking forward to diaconate ordination of Brother Matthew Mary in June and then Brother John Therese’s perpetual vows in August.

A convert to Catholicism with a background in chemistry, Br. Matthew Mary is finishing up his third year of theology at Mount St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg, Maryland. After he is ordained a deacon, he will return to Emmitsburg for a final seminary and then, God willing, will prepare for his ordination to the priesthood.

While Br. John Therese has already taken temporary vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience as well as committed himself to our Rule and Constitution, Br. John Therese will now consecrate himself to God for the entirety of his life. These perpetual vows signify that the religious life will be his vocation in life–the way in which he strives for heaven.

These occasions are always ones of great joy for our community. As our brothers in Christ, we continually strive to pray for and support the men in formation. In addition, as vows are taken, we have the opportunity to recall our own vows and our commitment to this abundant life to which the Lord has called us.

In the coming months, please keep all of our community–and particularly Br. Matthew Mary and Br. John Therese–in your prayers!

10 thoughts on “Summer Transitions For The Friars

  1. I watched Br. Matthew Mary’s ordination to the diaconate. Why was Fr. Anthony Mary not in attendance? Fr. Mark Mary was the one who attested to Br. Matthew’s readiness for the diaconate.

  2. Yes, beautiful ceremony and congratulations to Brother Matthew Mary! I also missed
    Father Anthony’s presence at the ordination. I pray he is well.

  3. I and my sister, have noticed the absence of Father Anthony. May we know his agenda, while hoping he is well!

  4. Did Fr. Anthony leave the Priesthood I have not seen him celebrating mass in while and miss that Anthonio humor and teaching plus whatever happened to some of the other new postulants that came into your community like brother James Mary?

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful concern you have expressed for Father Anthony Mary. Father has a chronic, non life threatening health condition that results in major bouts of fatigue forcing him to cut back on his normal schedule. Although he is largely unable to assist at our early morning, televised Mass he remains quite active midday, regularly offering Noon Mass for the EWTN employees, and hearing confessions. Father misses being with our EWTN family at the broadcast Mass but is grateful for your care and for your prayers. He sends his love to all of you.

  5. The message is for Father John Paul Mary. My name is Samuel Tuminello and I live in Pikesville, MD and I listened to you give your homily today. I was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, I just wanted you to keep on talking. I hope you get this e=mail. My e-mail address is

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