IRONDALE, Ala. – The City of Irondale, Alabama held a ceremony to bring into service its newest fire truck and invited Fr. Leonard to bless it.

Present at the ceremony were city and fire officials, firefighters, police officers, Church leaders, and residents of Irondale. The event was at the Irondale City Hall. It began with prayer and the National Anthem. The Mayor and Fire Department leaders expressed their gratitude for the firefighters and assured city residents of their commitment to quality service, to save lives and keep the city safe.

Equipped with the Catholic Book of Blessings, an aspergillum overflowing with holy water and his faithful assistant Br. John Therese, Fr. Leonard then blessed the 100-foot aerial platform fire truck. This powerful vehicle holds a large assortment of rescue tools and equipment, hoses, carries 500 gallons of water, an assortment of ground ladders and has a 100-foot aerial ladder attached to it.

Fire Officials then handed out badges and insignias to its fire personnel receiving promotions. The ceremony ended with prayer and all were invited to a reception. Please remember the firefighters of the City of Irondale Fire Department and all firefighters in your prayers. May God reward them for their sacrificial service.





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