Please join us in a Holy Hour for Healing and Justice for abuse victims.


3 thoughts on “Holy Hour for Healing and Justice

  1. Praise God.
    Thank -You for the Holy Hour for Healing and Justice. I join in when I can. Has anyone thought of posting the beautiful meditations that are prayed before each mystery? I don’t use Facebook. Thank – You and everyone at EWTN.
    May God bless you greatly.
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Denise Girolamo

  2. I love this Holy Hour at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrement – every sunday its a great blessing -especially during these times . I have one recommendation that the caamera man please keep the camara focused in the Blessed Sacramnet – while Jesus is exposed thats what I want to see Jesus not a priests hands a stautue a window – Jesus – just leave the focus in the Blessed Sacrament – as everyone in the church is looking at Him please please let us see Him – thats why we are watching the holy hour – to be and see Jesus – thank you and may God continue to bless EWTN

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