Dec 24, 2020

Christmas Eve


Wonder-Full Child

Then the witness heard

a voice of wonderful sweetness:

“I will always defend you.”

Our Eucharistic Lord to St. Clare


It’s only the wonder of a child that can penetrate the mysterious beauty of this night. A child present before us in humble splendor. The grace of God appearing with all need of a heart to love, of swaddling bands to embrace so tightly that no warmth should escape. 

Every tongue should sing with joy, with all the angels, at this blessed infancy. That Lord, and King, and God, yet in every way, so little and adorable, that no fear may be allowed to enter this holy night. There is no dark, no chill, nor hunger, no gloom, no need that escapes the desire of God to be present there. He chose poverty, chose littleness; He chose to need our poor human hearts and tender care.

This is the appearance of glory on a divine scale. Not as the world sees or judges, but as the little child. In His eyes we see eternal love, and tenderness unfathomable, joy unrestrained, beauty transforming wonder, such that no one can resist this child.

A child born to us, given in a moment least expected. Given/sent into that place in our heart so dark that we dared not search it out. There His light shines.

Open dear Child this gift before our eyes, that we may gaze with wonder and rejoice at this that you have done. For within us is this rejoicing that draws You – God – are near. 

He, Jesus, surprisingly needs this. He finds being with us wonderfully irresistible. Just imagine the joy that shot through the heart of God when He laid His infant eyes upon His lovely Mother for the first time. That same joy He takes in each one of us. The warmth of that blessed gaze is tremendous. This is the beauty of God.


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  1. Beautifully said Father. God bless you and all our dear priests and brothers of EWTN. Merry Christmas.

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