As we start this month dedicated to Our Lady, we are reminded of one of the few direct commands Mary gave to others. At the Wedding Feast of Cana she told the servers “Do whatever He tells you.” The He, of course, was Jesus.

Our spiritual father, St. Francis of Assisi, lived by this directive of Our Lady. When he felt the call to follow Christ, He did so completely—giving away all of his belongings and living as a mendicant. When he heard Christ asking him to “Rebuild my Church” St. Francis did so not only physically with the rebuilding of a small church in Italy, but also spiritually by founding the Franciscan order.

More recently, our foundress Mother Angelica set another profound example of following these words of Mary. She not only said yes to her vocation as a religious sister, but also to founding a new community far from home, and establishing EWTN—which was an adventure that required a lot of trust in the Lord!

We have the same opportunity to say yes to whatever Christ asks of us. It can be easy to overcomplicate our life and the choices we need to make. However, in all matters, big and small, the central question should be: what is He asking of me? Then, like Mary did with her “yes” to becoming the Mother of God, we can trust that the Lord has a great plan for us.

This month, consider praying the Rosary in a special way for a greater willingness to do whatever Christ tells you. You can follow along with Mother Angelica in this video or pray by yourself or with your family.

Know that we will be praying for Mary’s intercession in your lives this month!


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