BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – EWTN Family recalls fond memories of Mother Angelica’s life as a Poor Clare nun and charismatic television personality.

Everyone at the 2016 Family Celebration was or is still being impacted by Mother Angelica.   Visitors gave testimonies of how they came to know Christ and returned to the Church through watching Mother on television. EWTN employees and TV personalities, and Friars who know her personally shared stories of profound interactions and conversations with her.

Day 1 of the celebration began with Fr. Joseph leading prayer and a welcoming from Michael Warsaw, EWTN CEO and Doug Keck, EWTN President. After, Fr. John Paul celebrated Mass and Fr. Mark preached a riveting and moving homily. Conferences continued throughout the day from Jim and Joy Pinto, Chris Stefanick and Johnnette Benkovic. In the evening Michael Warsaw, Fr. Joseph and others close to Mother Angelica spoke about her life and legacy.

Available to celebration attendees were confessions, an adoration chapel, the EWTN Religious Catalogue Bookstore, and exhibits from EWTN Radio, Marketing and the National Catholic Register. Children were treated to a play area that featured performances from the Donut Man and Br. Leo. Day 1 was joyful and powerful experience of recounting Mother’s life and the legacy, one that has and is still influencing and impacting millions of lives.

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2 thoughts on “EWTN Celebrates Life & Legacy of Mother Angelica at Family Celebration: Day 1

  1. Thank you for posting the first day of the
    Celebration of Mother Angelica’s life and
    Legacy .Thanks for sharing all the pictures .
    Please have this celebration on DVD.

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