The EWTN Choir sang beautifully at the EWTN televised Mass this morning. Check out the Alma Redemptoris Mater (by Palestrina) sung as the offertory today for the Feast of St. Anthony, Abbot.

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  1. I’m trying to get information on the members of the EWTN Mass choir. I’ve gone through all the posts on Google and find nothing except for info on Lucas and Derek. Who is the back up cantor?

    The choir is wonderful. They really enhance every Mass, and there are a number of people asking for more info on the members. Would appreciate information on Google so as to be accessed by the public.

    1. What is the name of the back up cantor and why doesn’t the camera focus on him when he is singing !!! There was a day in Sept or October when he sang 2 songs in latin & the camera never focused on him!!!! The whole choir is the greatest!!! I like that the Choir Director/Organist gives each of them a chance to sing solo!!! I not only speak for myself but also for others from our parish & also people who depend on EWTN for the MASS due to the fact that they can not go to MASS because they are ill or just homebound!!! They all marvel at how wonderful the choir is!!!

    2. The Choir on EWTN Mass is awesome!!! What are the backgrounds of these talented and gifted people? Organist is especially inspiring and so committed to his choir.. Even conducts with left hand at times while playing with right hand! He puts his heart and soul into his leadership – they all do!!! I love to sing and do play the keyboard so do appreciate what they do. I was a cantor for several years and organized the singing which was a joy! I would like to know more about the backgrounds of these wonderful people.

        1. The choir is wonderful. Was so surprised to see all females this am. Are they novices ?

    3. I would like an answer to the previous question about the choir. But I can’t find the answer to my question.

  2. I agree, and would also like to see more of the choral music available by cd or stream. I like collegium regale on YouTube, but I would prefer to listen to the EWTN choir.

    1. thank you for the oppty. to experience Mass via EWTN on tv. The music certainly enhances this worship experience! As a choir member/ cantor, i would love to see a listing of the music used at each Mass. So many lovely expressions of praise! Please share a listing/ sources for the music, I join ‘Wendy” in hope that live stream or recorded music by the Chapel musicians will be more fully shared. Peace and God’s best blessings to all.

  3. I love this choir. They sound like angels from heaven. Today is Sunday, October 29, 2017. After Father Anthony’s homily today, the hymn sung was exquisitely beautiful. The Holy Spirit surely comes through them to us.☺️

  4. How about if the EWTN Choir present a concert on EWTN TV. I’m sure there will be many viewers. They are really great with their choir master. Makes the mass more HOLY! Thanks

  5. I just recently got cable back, after a lapse of some years. From the very first day when I was able to watch EWTN again, I was amazed and impressed by the improvement in EWTN’s choir and music selection, and in the cantors’ skills. Whoever the choir director is, he is doing a really great job with his small but hard-working group! And it is obvious that the organist is also doing very well, and that the priests and deacons have improved at doing chant. Heck, even the congregation is chanting and singing well, which is what you’d expect with such a good example!

    I realize that choirmembers and religious naturally dislike being conspicuous, and that nobody wants to intrude on people’s privacy. But it would be nice to know a bit more about these “fellow parishioners”, that’s all.

    And I agree that a small recital concert for the choir would be nifty. Let us know if there will be one!

    But you realize that there are all sorts of EWTN shows, but no music instruction ones. And Vatican II mandated that Catholics should be instructed in singing, and in how to chant the responses. So if that choir director of yours ever has spare time (heh, like choir directors ever do!), it would be neat to have something like that.

    1. If you use your tv remote, down on the bottom right there is a button for captions on or off. Turn it on and it will show you the names of most of the songs. It wil also help you with the Latin. It has helped me learn my Latin again.

  6. The song that was sung after Communion durning today’s Mass 3/6 was so beautiful! I listened to it several times. What a gift it would be if the viewing audience could purchase all music sung from this amazing choir. Today these two men sang beutifully, my tears were flowing.

  7. I love the choir solo. I wonder how the members are picked to sing certain days. I see a choir member who attends mass every day. Wonder why he is not singing with the choir. I think all members should be given a chance to sing a solo. Some might not want to. What is the name of the member who is there all the time. He is tall, brown hair. What a beautiful voice. I agree with some about the camera needs to focus on the choir members when they are singing like a solo. I truly enjoy listening to the choir. Yes also the ladies need to do the same as the men and put their hands together when not holding the book. I also wonder, are the members all catholics? If so why are they not receiving the host. Your are doing a super job.

  8. Who is the woman singer at today’s Mass. July 29, 2019 She is a beautiful singer. the choir does wonderful work.

    1. There is a (maybe recent) lady who has an absolutely soaring voice (alleluliah). Fantastic. The ladies are wonderful

      1. I know it! The camera always pans away..and I wish it would show her. It just give you chills and sounds like it soars right to HEAVEN.KUOS to all of them!

  9. These are extremely dedicated people who obviously love to sing. Lucas is a star with so many wonderful people with fabulous voices . The choir Director is truly a dedicated and incredibly gifted musical leader. Thank you one and all for the time you give to EWTN’s mission
    May God bless all of you.

  10. Since I had a major surgery last year, I wasn’t able to drive to go to church and attend mass. I am so happy and grateful that I found EWTN on TV. I wake up at 4:30am everyday west-coast time to pray the Holy Rosary televised in Jerusalem on weekdays and at Our Lady of Lourdes on weekends followed by the mass at 5:00am. I love the way the mass is in Latin and English. I learned to sing the “Our Father” in Latin. I also love the choir and when each member get a chance to sing solo. Are the choir members professional singers? they all sing so good. Kudos to the choir director, he is doing such a great job. God bless🙏!

  11. Thanks for the info on the schola at the EWTN masses. Have been wondering about the backgrounds of the director and the singers. They are excellent as is the music! They also sing on pitch! My background as a musician & singer, as well as a choir member for most of my life appreciates music both beautiful & in tune. Also, as a Catholic, I appreciate the most appropriate music for the Masses! T

  12. I truly miss the days when Lucas was the sole cantor and Derek played the organ without his theatrics and always being on camera. Choir is so talented but for daily Mass, I prefer the days of “old”. Thank you.

  13. I am a non-catholic who found EWTN during the pandemic and have been a faithful viewer ever since, mostly watching the daily masses. I am truly impressed by the entire mass but am awestruck by the beautiful voices of the choir. I could listen to them all day. I wish they would have cd’ s available for purchase. Whether it is just the women of just the men or all together as one, I feel like I am in heaven when I hear them. Thank you for including them in so much of the mass. The director is a genius as well.

  14. I couldn’t agree with you more Rose! Lukas is one of the best! Save the choir for ” high” mass on Sunday!

  15. I watch the Mass everyday, and I love the choir. Please don’t limit these beautifully gifted singers to Sunday only.
    I just purchased the Christmas DVD of the EWTN choir with Fr. Joseph Mary doing some narration. I can’t wait to watch it!

  16. We watch and pray the Mass on EWTN everyday. That is the best way to start your day. The choir members are a blessing by adding the lovely voices to the spiritual celebration. All of the songs are a blessing for us.
    Some of the choir members have changed – perhaps they have moved…we hope that there is no illness in their family. Keeping the director and all members in prayers.

  17. Who is the occasional layman Server at Mass (not Jim)? He seems to be a man in his fifties. He also sings the responses. Thank you and God bless EWTN.

  18. I watch EWTN Mass daily and absolutely love the Choir! I always wonder how they choose who sings each day and who gets to sing the Responsorial Psalms and Alleluia before the Gospel?

  19. Just love the choir. I’d like to know the name of the fella that has a ponytail sometimes and sometimes he wears his hair down and has a beard. Love to know what his name is sometimes he sings solo. He has a beautiful voice.

    1. I’d like to know his name too. He’s my favorite EWTN singer and cantor. I so much prefer the purity and clarity of his voice. It’s heavenly and puts me even more in touch with devotion to the Divine. I feel he’s very devoted himself and sings directly to God. When he solos he puts me more in touch with the Giver of his gift than anyone else. I hope he gets called on to solo more. I see he recently has a wedding ring. I’d like to know more about that. I never write online about celebrities
      in secular society. I’m only fascinated with God. But I feel his closeness to God and I feel kinship with him in this. I feel the unaffected devotion in his voice to the Most Adorable Lord God, the Divine Beloved. He adds more of a sense of holiness to the scriptures he sings. If anyone reads this who knows his name. please reply.

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