IRONDALE, Ala. – EWTN’s 35th anniversary of its founding, on the Solemnity of the Assumption, began with its annual campus blessing. Each year the friars process with the Blessed Sacrament throughout EWTN’s campus, walking in and out of each room and office, asking Our Lord to continue to bless the Network. EWTN is blessed by God to have generous and harder working employees that have given their lives to spreading the Gospel of Christ through the media.





17 thoughts on “EWTN’s 35th Anniversary Begins with Campus Blessing

  1. was this being aired on Ewtn hope I didn’t miss it How wonderful to see I watch Ewtn everyday the Mass Always I love it

  2. Dorothy, no, unfortunately it was not aired on EWTN. Anne, Br. James & Br. Gabriel are no longer with our community and discerned Our Lord was calling them on a different path.

  3. Congratulations on 35 years! I’m sure Mother Angelica is smiling from above!! Let us keep her spirit alive!!

  4. Happy 35th Anniversary!!Thank you for all the Friars,brothers and all the EWTN employes for all the nice programs that is being aired 24/7.Never miss the daily mass,Your new web was great and keep checking your recent posting and enjoy reading them all.Again happy anniversary!

  5. I missed the Mass for this morning…I hardly ever miss Mass on EWTN…..So I missed any activites you all had today….makes me sad….But I do want to say Happy 35th Anniversary to all the Friars and Brothers and Priests….I thank all the employees for the wonderful things that each one of you are responsible for in getting all of us the wonderful shows Masses…..and many other programs…I love the station…and it was the reason for me to come back to church….I get alot of peace just watching you all on the TV..Thank You..

  6. Happy 35th Anniversary to all the Friars and the EWTN employees. Thank you for all the good services the Friars/EWTN employees and offering to all Catholics. I never miss the Daily Mass and also keep a tab on all the programs that are telecast. When I am watching the Daily Mass, I feel that I am present at the Chapel in Alabama, though I live far away from Alabama. Thank you for all the great services the Friars and EWTN is offering.

  7. Happy 35th Anniversary. Can we see the above pictures on telecast, is it possible. I always watch the EWTN player as we are far away from Alabama down there an island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, known as pearl of the Indian Ocean. All Catholics in Sri Lanka watch the live Daily Mass.

  8. Where is Brother Tarcisius? We have not seen him for several months. Is he still in school or has he left the community?

    1. COngratulations on your 35th anniversary. I watch Mass on EWTN daily! IT is the best part of my day. thank You! I miss Brother Tarcisis, where is he?

    2. Br Tarcisius is residing with the Friars of the Conventual Franciscans in Illinois whilst he continues his studies. We are so grateful to have him with us.

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