5 thoughts on “Fr. John Paul Reflects on the 4th Anniversary of Mother Angelica’s Passing

  1. What a beautiful reflection on Mother Angelica!!!! Fr. John Paul…that was wonderful and thank you for showing us the confessional set up…May God Bless all of you who offer the Sacraments to us and all who work for EWTN to keep you all on the air! I love the story about Mother Angelica and her amount of weeks for confession with her retort back to you or whichever Friar she asked about how often!!!!

  2. It is providential that Mother Angelica passed on March 27, 2016, only days before Terry Schiavo’s date in 2005; and then Terry passing only days before Pope John Paul II on April 2 that year. Thank you Fr. John Paul for this inside view of EWTN. We saw this after your extraordinary homily today on April 3. You are helping so many with your insights.

  3. Dear Father Joseph,
    I hope you and all in your Community are well.

    This morning (Saturday, April 04, 2020 – 11H00CT), I watched the EWTN Daily Mass and I listened to the Homily you gave.
    The reason I am sending you this message is that, I was getting ready to go grocery shopping and thought to say the St. Michael Prayer and Psalm 91 before leaving the house. As I picked up my iPad, I looked at the time, it was 11H04. I wondered in that moment whether the Mass was streaming on EWTN and behold, it was.
    The opening Prayer was powerful – that seized my attention and I decided I was going to watch the Mass. To my surprise, your Homily touched on Psalm 91. That told me that I was meant to say those two Prayers before leaving the house.
    Father Joseph, the great and powerful Psalm 91 reinforced my Trust in Almighty God in the year 2016 when the Oil sector was turned on its head …
    I am a sinner, journeying to Sainthood and I do not know the Holy Bible from cover to cover. In 2016, Psalm 91, which at the time I didn’t know was a Psalm, was the Prayer that my brother Joseph (my sibling) prayed with me over the phone to dispel my worries. Ever since, I have held onto that Truth about Almighty God and I do not relent in sharing with others the Power of Psalm 91.
    In the current Covid19 situation we find the Globe in, when evil is persistent about taking over millions of minds with fear and disorientation, my Family prays both the St. Michael Prayer and Psalm 91 daily – we strive to do this twice daily.
    Utmost Gratitude to you Father Joseph for the powerful Homily.
    May Almighty God continue to Bless and Hold you and all the members of the Franciscan Missionaries Of The Eternal Word.
    God’s Love
    Houston, Texas

  4. My request to have you reach out to me of 4/8/20, and no reply, sorry to have bothered you. Still think you are so passionate, the morning you have mass I watch again in the evening. You sermon of 5/4 and again on 6/1/20 , words cannot be said how moving they were . Thank you becoming a Frier.

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