Fr. Leonard Mary was on “EWTN Live” with Johnnette Benkovic Williams and Fr. Mitch Pacwa. They spoke about how to prayerfully and practically approach the coronavirus pandemic.

2 thoughts on “How to Prayerfully & Practically Approach the Coronavirus Pandemic.

  1. Every EWTN Mass must include immediate end to abortion/culture of death, deception/distraction and that we repent and love God 1st and others as ourselves not only Coronavirus./flu intention. We must lay down our lives for Jesus as He showed us and trust like Blessed Mother Mary, Saint Joseph and martyrs and saints in the past and as Mother Teresa’s nuns continue to even serve HIV/AIDS, all the ill while trusting in Jesus! We are Catholics and run to Jesus in the Eucharist because we trust Jesus who said Be not afraid. We need Jesus, our Divine Physician of body and soul. Every bishop and priest must shepherd God’s people as we are not of the world but trust Jesus no matter what! Open the doors to Mass if you have to have more Masses yet with equal spacing as in grocery stores, restaurants that are still serving to go food. Nothing like our spiritual and physical food, Jesus in the Eucharist!

    1. Amen. After all either we believe what Jesus said ..” unless you eat my flesh or drink my blood ……” OR we believe that spiritual communion is enough in which case isn’t that essentially what protestants believe.

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