BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Our Friars and Lay Franciscan Missionaries prepared and served a delicious meal at the Firehouse Homeless Shelter.

Savory scents of fresh vegetables and seasoned meats filled the Friary on Saturday February 17, 2018. The friars and their lay affiliates spent the entire day preparing a shepherds pie feast for the homeless who visit the Firehouse Shelter in Birmingham, Alabama.

After hours of cooking Fr. Joseph, Br. John and their lay helpers took the food to the shelter and served the tasty meal to about 60 people. They also mingled with the crowd, sharing stories and jokes. The evening ended with our volunteers treating themselves to Dairy Queen. For information about the Birmingham Firehouse Shelter go to


One thought on “The Friars and Lay Franciscan Missionaries Tag Team for Homeless Shelter Outreach

  1. Hi, are the Franciscan Lay Missionaries international? Do the EWTN Friars have a Third Order? I’m in the UK. Does Fr John Paul have an email address? Or perhaps he could email me if that’s easier. Many thanks, Andrew Oldnall

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