IRONDALE, Ala. – EWTN is currently operating with a smaller staff to reduce the possibility of contacting and spreading the coronavirus. Many employees are working from home. The Network also cancelled all its live show guests for March and April. In response, the Friars immediately stepped in by increasing live televised devotions and filling in for guests. Almost daily, a friar priest is leading a TV rosary, holy hour or stations of the cross. Fr. Leonard appeared on EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch and Johnnette Benkovic to address COVID-19 concerns. Fr. John Paul, Fr. Mark and Fr. Leonard did live Facebook Q&A sessions for EWTN Vatican.

10 thoughts on “Friars Step Up Service at EWTN

  1. I want to thank all of the Friars for the truly great work that has been done for all of the years and will continue to. You have all been a tremendous gift from God for all of us. And for me personally,especially over the last 2 months you have had a BIG impact on my spiritual life. Your example and your teaching have touched us all. I will always keep you in my prayers and will contribute as best as I can always. Thanks again and GOD BLESS YOU ALL! And my feelings are the same for ALL of EWTN staff and the Poor Clares.

  2. Thank goodness for EWTN programs and segments during the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m watching daily masses, sometimes twice to bring me peace of mind and comfort. May God protect the Franciscan Friars.

  3. Thank you God for EWTN Friars, Nuns and employeesMay The Lord keep you all safe. Watch Mass Seven days a week love Deric and the Choir, homelies are so inspiring, God Bless you all

  4. God can never be outdone! In the midst of this pandemic, He has provided us with these wonderful priests and EWTN…….can never thank you enough for the Masses and all devotions….from what I am learning from my parish, it may be a very long time before I will be able to attend a public Mass (if ever)……so GOD has provided EWTN and I am ever so grateful.
    To all of you Thank You…..I will continue my prayers for you and ask for your prayers.

  5. Thank you to the friars and EWTN , you have been a part of my life even before this pandemic started ! My Mom watched (God bless her soul )
    the whole day upon waking up till nighttime and so with my brother Leonardo who passed away March 1,2020 from a progressive illness,
    May the Holy Spirit guide you alwaysAmen🙏🏼

  6. Dear Priests and Brothers,
    With respectful gratitude to each of you for the reverence and work you do at EWTN.

    You are a beautiful example to our world of your vocation. Your time and preparation in preparing the Mass and other services is a special gift to those who pray with you.

    The Divine Mercy Novena is a wonderful program to telecast.

    PLEASE continue the Adoration after the DMN novena….it is a special time for us to adore and remember Our Lord!

    May Our Lord bless each of you.

    Colette Havemann

  7. Even before the pandemic , the daily mass would bring a peaceful comfort at the end of the day . With the quarantine I am especially grateful for the Franciscan Friars , daily mass with lovely choir and many other EWTN programs . And being able to follow on the many social media platforms is such a blessing in the world these days.

  8. Thanks to the Friars at EWTN for the daily masses and rosary. We have been watching daily mass and praying the rosary since told not to attend local masses in March due to Covid 19. We have gotten accustomed to the Friars and priests now and look forward to our “time” with them and God daily.

  9. Thank you to all the Friars. I’ve been able to watch the Mass daily on EWTN since the lockdown.
    I wonder though if the Fathers read our emails when we send petitions and if they reply to emails? Coz I just wrote one. Thank you again!

  10. Thank you for the Mass each day and the daily Rosary by the friars, and most of all the Blessed Sacrament. This year I wanted to make a holy lenten season by going to Mass each day but then the virus came and for me staying at home my prayer life became more full. EWTN has brought Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament to my home each day. Sending prayers to all

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