Fr. Joseph Mary explains why we used latin, the official language of the Church, in Mass from EWTN and how we are united in one voice.

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  1. In the past month I have sent a couple of letters to Father Joseph Mary along with a $100 donation. I am also an author and have sent to his attention a number of my books. At the present time the check has not cleared and Amazon has not indicated the books have been delivered. Could you advise if the letters, check and total of six books have been received.

    1. Why is there no response to Mr.Pfautschs’ e mail of 4/25/2020?
      Why has AMAZON not yet replied to the whereabouts of the books and the check?
      I would certainly like to think more of Father Joseph Mary and Amazon than not having replied to Mr.Pfautsch’s generosity and intellect.
      Let’s get some answers here!

  2. You friars have a blessing to myself and my wife during our stay at home the past months. May God continue to bless and guide you.

  3. This morning’s homily (05/18/2020) highlighted Friar Felix Cantilice was inspiring. Could you reply with the song Saint Friar Felix sang? In English please. I try to pray and share communion with patients at my VAMC Hospital, I like to murmur a little something between room visits and this seems like something I could get into.
    Peace and all Good

  4. Reviewing today’s Mass on EWTN, congregants received Holy Communion on tongue and the absence of face masks was quite noticeable. For every one’s health and safety and as an example for the world, precautions should continue.

  5. My wife and I would like to know how we could purchase the mass missal for Sunday’s with Latin responses on EWTN?

  6. This is one of the many reasons I watch your televised Masses every day! It was good for the Church Fathers, the Martyrs, and all the generations down through history. It truly makes me feel part of the One True Church. Thank you Mother Angelica, St. John Paul II, and all the Franciscan Fathers of the Eternal Word Television Network!!!

  7. My dream for the church is to see the common language of the church used at ALL masses, with missals in Latin with English ( or language of country) translations. It certainly wouldn’t hurt for the Catholic family to learn this beautiful language! This way we would eliminate the division within parishes, on Sundays and Holy Days, having masses in every imaginable language. We would all be ONE FAMILY celebrating the Mass in one universal language. There are some parishes in our country that give Spanish Mass preferred “time” on Sunday. My first language as a child WAS Spanish, but when my parents moved to the United States, we learned English. We were never given such preferential treatment nor did we ever seek it. I’m constantly hearing about how divided the church is… they say, it all begins at home….and the Holy Church IS our home. Some things should never have changed….
    Thank you dear brothers in Christ for all you do, especially during this most unprecedented time in our lives. May God bless you abundantly!

  8. Out of all the streaming mass being done by hundreds of churches, the Franciscan Fathers of EWTN is what we watch. Our family loves your choir and the hymms. They all have a beautiful gift of voice. We love your mass, homilies, but mostly because you are using the official language of the church which makes it more reverent.
    Now, my kids pray in Latin. Thank you for what you do. God bless you all fathers!

  9. I would like to know who are the altar servers and the men and women in the choir also why the Latin in mass

  10. The lockdown prevented me to go to daily mass. Our diocese allowed us to use other outlets to attend mass. Thanks to EWTN. I can’t say I am bored. I eat h the 8am mass and before that the Zholy land rosary and after mass the rosary with the Franciscans. The holy rosary novenas from Lourdes is my second rosary for the day if I have other things to do or places to go like a doctor’s visit. This is how I spend the lockdown. And even after the lockdown. Thank you Mother Angelica.

  11. Thank you Father Joseph for explaining why parts of the Mass are in Latin. I love love the Latin, what I learned in Latin is watching the EWTN Mass. I bought the Order of the Mass Handbook there back in 1994 but it is falling apart, also have Jubilate Deo Handbook also. I just received my Latin Grammar book from there. I check with several college here to see if they offer a course of Latin, but found none. I do say my nightly prayers in Latin maybe all the words might not be correctly express, but God know what in my heart. I love the Latin so much and want to learn that in the late 90’s I sat in a 8th grade Latin class at a Catholic school. May God bless you and everyone at EWTN.

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