Fr. Joseph Mary explains why we used latin, the official language of the Church, in Mass from EWTN and how we are united in one voice.

4 thoughts on “Why we have Latin in Mass from EWTN

  1. In the past month I have sent a couple of letters to Father Joseph Mary along with a $100 donation. I am also an author and have sent to his attention a number of my books. At the present time the check has not cleared and Amazon has not indicated the books have been delivered. Could you advise if the letters, check and total of six books have been received.

  2. You friars have a blessing to myself and my wife during our stay at home the past months. May God continue to bless and guide you.

  3. This is one of the many reasons I watch your televised Masses every day! It was good for the Church Fathers, the Martyrs, and all the generations down through history. It truly makes me feel part of the One True Church. Thank you Mother Angelica, St. John Paul II, and all the Franciscan Fathers of the Eternal Word Television Network!!!

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