Fr. Anthony gave a Launching into Lent retreat March 8-10, 2019 at Casa Maria in Irondale, AL.

Listen to the Retreat:


3 thoughts on “Listen to Fr. Anthony’s Recent Lenten Retreat

  1. SO happy to have Father Anthony BACK! Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. Father Anthony, we have missed you in your daily masses at EWTN. Your spark adds humanity to your message. God bless you.

  2. I am so excited, have been listening to Fr Anthony all afternoon best retreat ever 😍always love his homilies and have missed him so much learned so much today ,praying for him everyday Thank you so much for putting this out hope I can share it

  3. Father Anthony, I an so happy to hear your voice. I have Minnesota speech patterns. So does my family. It is like hearing from home.
    Thank you for allowing us to hear you. I pray you will be returned to excellent health very soon. Thank you for sharing Gods Love in your unique way.

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