Fr. Anthony gave a Launching into Lent retreat March 8-10, 2019 at Casa Maria in Irondale, AL.

Listen to the Retreat:


16 thoughts on “Listen to Fr. Anthony’s Recent Lenten Retreat

  1. SO happy to have Father Anthony BACK! Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. Father Anthony, we have missed you in your daily masses at EWTN. Your spark adds humanity to your message. God bless you.

  2. I am so excited, have been listening to Fr Anthony all afternoon best retreat ever 😍always love his homilies and have missed him so much learned so much today ,praying for him everyday Thank you so much for putting this out hope I can share it

  3. Father Anthony, I an so happy to hear your voice. I have Minnesota speech patterns. So does my family. It is like hearing from home.
    Thank you for allowing us to hear you. I pray you will be returned to excellent health very soon. Thank you for sharing Gods Love in your unique way.

  4. i love to see him on t v but i am greatful to hear about the lenten on my labtop please come back to t v soon i am so glad to hear your voice father anthony i trust in jesus so he will help and cure you. i seen something on ewtn why don’t you offer up for conversion of sinners? that will up also love you.

  5. So WONDERFUL to hear Father Anthony!!!!!!!! A blessing from GOD.

  6. Wonderful to have Fr. Anthony Mary back! I miss his beautiful Homilies! [ All of the EWTN Fr. Friars are great!] I listen to EWTN always! Praise the Lord!

  7. I am so glad to know that father Anthony is doing OK, Just hearing his voice I say Thank You God for hearing our prayers.

  8. Where is Fr. Anthony Mary, we don’t see him as celebrant at the holy masses, neither on Sunday 5:00PM for the holy hour for justice and healing for the abuse of clergy

  9. I went to the site just to find out how Father Anthony is doing. He is much loved and is in our prayers. Please let him know that Our God is using him to draw us into a greater love for God Himself. We pray we will soon see Father back at daily Mass. I am also going on 90 yrs of age in June. Need prayers for son Kevin, son John passed October 15th.

  10. no he podido escucharle porque ignoraba que se estaba trasmitierndo pero le doy gracias a Dios del restablecimiento del Padre Antonio y quisiera verlo pronto en las misdas diariasde la television ya que yo tengo que verlas porque estoy enferma y soy una persona de 88 de edad Dios l.osbendigan a todos por su mission tan bella que la Sms Virgen siempre los proteja y los cubrta con su manto BENDICIONES

  11. Oh, it is wonderful to hear that good old familiar voice of our dear Father Anthony Mary again. I missed him so much and now I found him again, he is safe where GOD plants him for now. So pray, pray, and pray unceasingly for Father Anthony Mary and all our priests, religious vocations/orders at EWTN and all throughout the world and for the increase of priestly and religious vocations/orders for the whole universal Catholic Church on earth now and forevermore. Amen. So Be It. GOD Alone. Until we hear from each other again. Love, Peace, and Prayers from Theresa Baker, Long Beach, CA

  12. I have missed Father Anthony very much with his sense of humor ever time he says mass. I want to wish him the best of health and ask you when will we see him again giving mass. All the rest of the Priests are great and may God bless them all. Thank you for giving us mass everyday

  13. As a faithful member of your EWTN family, I too would like to say that I have missed Fr Anthony Mary very much. I participated in almost every Mass he offered and felt like he was speaking to me through our Lord. Please ask him to come back to the Mass, we love him and miss him. Thank you.

  14. Where in the world have I been? I watch Mass daily and have for years, but have not seen Fr. Anthony. I just came online for an update regarding his health. I noticed he is not a member of any of the new singing Litany’s . I was hoping he would be well enough to participate.

  15. Love listening to you tonight. Always liked the twinkle in your eyes on your homily and smile to us that are listening to you. You are truly blessed. Love the Mass once or twice a day. Mother made this happen and I am so grateful to her.

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