The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word thank and praise God for their new Deacon, Rev. Br. Matthew Mary.

Surrounded by his MFVA Community, family, and friends the new Deacon willingly and joyfully entered into Holy Orders.  Bishop Robert J. Baker ordained brother at the EWTN morning televised Mass on June 9, 2017.  Through the laying on hands by him the, Brother received a special character on his soul, configuring him to Christ the servant, “who came not be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:38).

As a deacon he assists bishops and priests at the altar, reads the Gospel, preaches, baptizes, celebrates wedding ceremonies, and does committal services for the dead.  In addition to assisting with ministry at EWTN, he will spend his summer weekends serving as a deacon at St. Theresa’s Parish in Leeds, Alabama.

Following his summer assignment he returns to Mount St. Mary’s Seminary for the final year of priestly formation. God willing he will be ordained a priest next year.  The Friars look forward to his diaconate service and future priesthood ministry.  Pray for him as he serves as a transitional deacon and prepares for ordination to the priesthood.

15 thoughts on “Br. Matthew is Ordained to the Diaconate

    1. I am so happy for Deacon Matthew because my husband who passed away three years ago and the first time he heard Br. Matthew read at Mass he said he would make a wonderful Priest. So I’m sure he has been praying for him and is so happy that he will be a priest next year. May God bless all of my wonderful young men at EWTN.

  1. Congratulations Deacon Mark! My spirit as well as my prayers are & will continue to be w/ you. I have, (had) 3 family members, (2 Ryba’s a priest & nun & 1 Finn- a nun ) who were blessed to enter & live their lives in spiritual vocations. I felt called when I was younger! But had no support at all from my parents. That was a disappointment! And due to my health challenge had lack of transportation later in life to help me drive myself. Again congratulations! My uncle- Fr. Charlie Ryba. From St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Parish in Columbia Stations, Ohio.

  2. Congratulations Brother Matthew! My prayers are with you for a joyful and holy transitional deaconate year ahead! May Our Lady hold you close.

  3. Congratulations, Rev Br. Matthew. May the Lord continue to shower his blessings on you. Be assured of my prayers for you and that there will be many more vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

  4. We had an out-of-town guest on 6/9/2017 and we watched your ordination on TV. It was a beautiful Mass so appropriate for your blessed event! We are so proud of you since we have seen you on TV for so many years. It is great to know that the Lord has called you to higher service. Please know that we pray for you daily, Deacon Matthew, and for all of your brothers at EWTN as well as the Sisters at Hanceville. We pray to see you soon on a pilgrimage visit to EWTN. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Deacon Br. Matthew Mary! One more step and we will be welcoming you into the Holy Priesthood!! This next year is going to be hectic and at times you’ll wish you could just stop time so you can breathe! At those times take courage in that Jesus felt the same when every time He turned around there was a crowd of people needing His help. In those times remember that, as God loved Jesus, He loves you too and His love will get you through anything and everything!!! May God Bless you and Be with you always.

  6. Congratulations Deacon Matthew!!! I felt like I was right there observing everything that went on….the beauty of the Holy Mass with your brother Friars and friends and most of all your family and our Lord Jesus Christ!!!! I also attended and offered my Mass Friday evening at St Joseph’s in Port St.Joe, Florida for your intentions and that of your family and that the Friars would see more vocations to serve to continue the work of our Lord using EWTN that was founded by Mother Angelica! Thank you!!!!

  7. Congratulations Rev. Br Matthew Mary, on your ordination to the diaconate. May God continue to bless you during your diaconate and am looking forward to seeing you ordained to the priesthood. Best of luck in your last year of seminary at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary.

  8. Brother Matthew what a great homely you gave today June 16 my husband and I want to congratulate you and we have been with you from the beginning actually we have been with EWTN for over 20 years thank you And may God bless you always brother Matthew

  9. Deacon Matthew:

    Congratulations on your ordination! EWTN is a staple in our home. My parents and I were so happy for you on your ordination.

    Also, we watched your first sermon as deacon. When you finished, my mom nonchalantly looked over at me and said, “Not a bad job at all for his first sermon! Good job!” I concurred. (Actually, we were looking forward to your first sermon since your becoming deacon.)

    God bless Deacon Matthew.

  10. Congratulations Deacon Brother Matthew like all at Ewtn we will pray for you. You are a wonderful speaker and have so enjoyed your homilies. We will pray for you this year so we can enjoy watching your ordination in Jesus Name. God Bless Lauran and Charles Mancuso

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